Attack of the pokies

Attack of the Pokies Game-play

Attack of the Pokeys LOGO

The Logo for the Game.

Attack of the Pokies is a minigame only seen when Backyard Monsters and War Commander are down for maintenance. It is a variation of Attack of the Buggles, which is on the original Casual Collective website.


You need to guide the worker to the mushrooms while avoiding Pokies! For every 20 mushrooms you gather, a golden mushroom power-up will appear. When you eat the golden mushroom, you will turn huge and you will be able to kill Pokies by smashing them with your body for a short amount of time.

One extra Pokey will come every single round. If you left-click when the bar in the top right corner is red, you can slow down time for a short period. The game ends if you touch a Pokey, kill the worker, or get to the end (stage 200).

(1 stage = getting 1 mushroom)


  • Do not go as fast as you can as you get farther and farther. Take your time and relax, as there is no time limit.
  • Save up your time-slowing for a rainy day. Do not use it right when you get it, unless you absolutely need it. Also, It can be used right before the golden mushroom is ingested for devastating results.
  • Eat the golden mushroom when it is on the far right side of the screen. This allows you to get more mushrooms and allow more Pokies to spawn. Therefore, you have a higher chance of killing more Pokies.
  • Try to kill an average of 20 pokies each time you get the golden mushroom. This will prevent the number of pokies on the screen from increasing too far past 20.

The Game

  • The game can be played here
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