NOTE: Attacking guide is for level 35+ and will not apply to lower levels.


This guide will cover how to successfully attack a base, loot as many resources as possible, and catapult very little in.

Basically there are 4 ways to attack someone as said by many people.

RANDOM This strategy involves flinging in random stuff until you get a KO. This strategy almost never works and ends up wasting a lot of goo. Example: fink and bandito--BAD slime and fang-- BAD

NUKE This strategy works well since 10 mil on anything is basically demolishing it. However, it is considerably hard to make up for the huge losses. Only works if you want revenge, not loot.

NINJA This strategy is basically waiting for a base to become weakened by another player before striking it with low level monsters to finish it off. If you are willing to spend 24 hours on the computer waiting, that's fine by me. It is hard to do this since the player before you might've already put the player in damage protection.

EXPERIENCED This strategy relies on what the name suggests: experience. Knowing what kind of monsters to launch in. Knowing when and how many to use. Knowing what to catapult in for maximum effect.

And I think we all know which method works best.

Now, before we jump into part 1 of this guide, I want to give you a general tip. NEVER LAUNCH ALL YOUR MONSTERS IN AT ONCE. Don't even ask why. You'll see.


The most important thing about attacking is utilizing the waves, aka the number of times you can attack someone. Technically, your maximum attacking amount is 4 times though most people get damage protection after 3 attacks. Now, this part of the guide will tell you what to send in those waves.

NOTE: I am assuming that your champion cancels out with theirs. If it's a Fomor, then rocket daves should do the trick. NEVER attack someone with a champion 3-4 levels higher than yours.


This should be a test wave. You should not have looted any resources and should have only damaged a few towers. Useful monsters for this are high health monsters such as Crabbatron that don't necessarily do high damage.

The point of a test wave is to get a feel for what the base is like. The path your monsters will follow, for example, or the level of the opponent's towers. The basic defending strategy of their base should also be gained from the first wave. Where they tend to place their booby traps, how they positioned their towers for maximum cooperation, and the monsters in their bunkers, if any. (If bunkers aren't baitable or catable, try using Marilyn Monstroe or Eye-ras, provided they don't have scatter blocks.) (Bolt's teleport ability can make him a decent minesweeper)

You might want to launch 100k twigs and pebbles to take down a powerful MB for example (when MB health reaches 40%, it will not send the defenders out.) Or you might want to damage a few snipers that might prove to be a problem, attacking your monsters while they are stalled by harvesters or buildings. This wave should not be powerful and should only consist of a maximum of 20 Crabbatron, assuming you have outposts.



This wave should get rid of half of the opponent's defensive towers. Monsters for this onslaught should consist of Octo oozes, Crabatrons, Ichis, Eyeras, and Project X (optional). Octo oozes should absorb damage like nothing else though their main function lies in the fact that they can be spawned and can easily tank through high damage towers as well as cannons. Beware lasers though.

Crabatrons and Ichis can be used to actually get damage in where the Octo oozes failed. Project X can demolish towers easily once shielded by the other monsters. The eyera will help you clear monster bunkers and take down walls. You will only need a few to crush the opponents defenses. Specifics on what to send in will be mentioned in the Monsters and Defenses parts of this guide. You can use a few Daves in this operation, even a few Zafreetis if the ADTs are down, but don't get carried away. You still want to be able to attack them again.

At this level, you should have unlocked candy jars which will buy time for your monsters. Try to candy jar the Snipers and Teslas since they have the highest range and can easily take out your attack force from a long distance as they are being stalled by a cannon or laser. Make sure both ADTs are down. If you must, then catapult 2 million pebbles. But you must make sure they're gone otherwise your Zafs are gonna have a helluva time healing. This is assuming that your opponent was smart enough to put their ADTs in well defended locations.


This wave should start the looting. Since the defensive towers have been taken out and the ADTs are long gone, you can start by sending in high damage monsters in large quantities such as Finks, Banditos, and Pokeys. Brains are also a good choice, since they loot more. They should successfully wreck havoc to at least a fourth of their base. Then, presumably, they will get crushed by the remaining defenses.

After you first attack force is demolished, you should send in heavy monsters like Dave to finish the job. Their champion should be dead, killed by your high damage monsters. However, you champion is still alive. Sending him in should speed up the process. By effectively combining different monsters such as Ichi, Dave, and Zafreeti, you should be able to easily crush his base. If you realize that your force will not be able to destroy their town hall and silos, withdrawl immediately. You might get to attack again.


This wave usually doesn't occur because the opponent get's damage protection. This can be extremely annoying since you might not have got to his silos and town hall if they were protected well.

To prevent this kind of misfortune from happening, you could either end the attack early (and leave 50% of his base still intact) Depending on the buildings you attacked, he might not get damage protection. If he doesn't, then use the infamous Pokey and Octo ooze combo to distract the few defenses he has left while your pokeys (at least 150) wreck havoc to his base). Pokeys have an infinetely low queu time and they can do tons of damage once upgraded in numbers. However, this is all under the assumption that you have taken out the Lasers, Railguns and Quake towers though you only really have to worry about the Railgun. The Lasers and Quakes have next to no range, even at max level.

If pokeys fail, their fiery counterparts, Spurtz should do the trick. Octo ooze should do fine, however, since they have a decent amount of health. If the base has Lasers or Quakes though, do yourself a favor and send Ichis instead.

3 Pro Tips When Attacking:

1) NEVER launch all your monsters in at once, especially low health ones. Send them slowly, whenever you see an opening

2) If there is a suspicious hole that looks like monsters can be baited into going, minesweep and Bunker sweep first.

3) Be strategic about Catapult options and your underworld weapons. Launching them all in the begginning poses a serious problem as you might find you desperately need them in the end.

There are exceptions to every rule of course and this is not special. If you know the person from the hundred battles you've had with him, then you should just go into the attack and do some minor scouting. Just to make sure he doesn't have any tricks up his sleeve.

So... This part of the guide is over. Now you should have an idea of how to utilize the number of times you can attack someone to shift the odds into your favor. No more sending random monster combos that seem powerful. And try not to launch 10 million worth of putty onto my base.


Knowing your monsters and combos will allow you to send in the right monsters at the right time. This section is also very important and will help you plan more strategically. Every monster has a use and no monster is an imbecile. It just depends on how and when you use them.

Now, lets check out the four most important monsters used for attacking.


This destructive monster is by far the best and should be the most used during attacks. It is very important and is used im many strategies. Note that this doesn't mean you have to eye-ra bomb everyone you know.

Eye-ras can prove to be excellent monsters for taking down walls and blasting holes in defenses so your monsters don't have to follow a path the ultimately leads to death. They can be used to destroy towers closest to walls, monsters, and champions. They prove to be excellent when teamed up with a variety of monsters such as wormzer.


This monster has the highest health and second highest damage (losing to Project X) with the exception of champions. Because their speed and health both accomodate Zafreeti, the two when combined, can release destruction on to their enemies.

Daves aren't much interest when you first get them because their health is relatively low, their goo cost high, and their awesome speed that's slightly faster than a snails'. However, once you upgrade him to level 4, you will find yourself facing a destructive monster that can terrorize anything. Their rockets can render cannons useless and their high health withstands snipers and teslas. Their terrifying damage makes them deadly to any stray tower and can only be beaten by a cluster of towers when paired with Zafreeti.


This healer can allow monsters to stay on the battlefield for longer amounts of time and grant high health monsters invincibility to everything except Monster Bunkers and a shitload of high damage towers. They can heal at a pretty alarming rate, outhealing even the Tesla. Once they are maxed out, their healing rate rises beyond reason, making them able to sustain an army on Daves.

These powerful monsters only have one weakness: ADTs. These towers can splatter 5 Zafs with 4 salvos, making them the bane to all flying units. To effectively unlock Zafreeti's abilities, you must clear the area of those pesky towers.


Now let's look at a few monster combos that can effectively destroy certain kinds of bases. Note that these combos can be tweaked to invade another kind of base. Also note that PPX is listed here however with only 5 mil putty and a max level Fomor.

Dave Zafreeti Combo

This combo is actually very simple. It uses the fact that Daves' stats match up with Zafreeti's healing, making the pair and unstoppable menace. The Dave will get rapidly healed by the Zafreeti, while he won't lose health too fast. His rockets can deal high damage from a long range, making him devastating to Cannons and Lasers. However, bases with strategic ADT placement, high CF (concentrated firepower), and/or powerful champions will repel this combo since the Zafreetis may not be able to heal fast enough for the Daves to survive. Also, rogue MBs can result in a Dave slaughter and should be taken out first. It is also recommended to add a fomor because it will add a buff tio the monsters causing the daves to do more damage and the zafreetis to heal faster BUT take out the ADT's first

Pokey Octo ooze Combo

This devastating combo can be used when lasers and railguns have all been taken out. The octo ooze should be launched in first. They will begin the stalling. Then, as fast as your mouse will allow, you should load up pokeys and fling 'em in. There should be about at least 100 octo ooze and 200 pokeys. The octo ooze will overwhelm even the strongest towers because of their sheer numbers. The pokeys will destroy all the harvesters and silos before the octo ooze are dead. If they do die. You could add a champ in if you want. Chances are, he won't even get hit because of the massive swarms. This combo works as a cleanup crew and can effectively destroy a base without any queu time or goo wasted. WARNING: IF YOU SEE QUAKE TOWERS, THIS COMBO IS RUINED.

Ichi Crabbatron Project X combo

This combo can crush any defensive tower on the screen. The Ichis can delay and absorb tons of damage. The Crabbatron will destroy lasers where the Ichis failed and the Project X, being the last one launched in, should effectively cripple the defenses under the Crabbatron's cover. This attack should consist of 30 Ichi, 20 Crabbatron, and 5 Project X. Launch about 20 Ichis. The Ichis should destroy a few towers. The moment they meet their first Laser, launch in all the Crabbatron. The Ichis, if level 5+ should presumably take out the first laser, suffering heavy losses. The Crabbatron will cover for them. Once the initial Ichi are dead and the Crabbatron wounded, send in the Project X. If the Crabbatron die ahead of schedule, then launch your last 10 Ichis in. If the Crabbatron stay alive, then you just did yourself a favor and gained 10 Ichi. This should, unless MBs were explosive, cripple their defenses on at least one side of their base.


This is an interesting combo that will yield rich rewards if you attacked the right guy. Try to unleash this hellish monster on a base that has a lot of resources (you can judge this by the silos, resource harvesters, expierence, etc). This way, even though you rarely gain 10 mil butty back, you'll at least even it out with other resources. Also, if a Project X dies, it hits a tower with a crap ton of damage, provided you have Acid Spores maxed out.

A better way to PPX someone is with a Fomor and 5 mil putty. This way you'll be saving putty and gaining more resources since your PPX should take out the ADTs and their champ so Fomor can sneak in, unnoticed.

Wormzer Eye-ra Combo

This is a rarely used yet very powerful combo. It has been put in Bunkers as well as launched in for attacks. The Wormzer, being faster than Eye-ra, will destroy bunkered monsters as well as weak walls and towers. It's splash damage makes it capable of killing high damage monsters like Bandito fast, rendering bunkers useless. Also, because of their high damage, they can seriously damage high health monster as well.

Now if the Wormzer destroy the Eye-ras original target, signalling it was weak, the Eye-ra will simply veer off to attack a stronger target. If the Wormzer died to something like Rocket Daves, then the Eye-ra will detonate in their faces, instantly killing them. The same aplies for towers and walls. This is a mainly a Bunker clearing combo but also works on towers near walls.

Slime Vorg Combo

This is a powerful combo for minesweeping and Bunker destroying. The Slimeattikus will punch holes in their minefields. If they hit a booby trap, they will instantly get healed by the Vorg. If they hit a heavy trap and activate it, they will simply fission and continue on their destructive path.

If faced with a powerful Bunker, the Slimeattikus will first attack once with their high damage, then fission and continue attacking. The Vorg will heal them if needed. If your goal is to minesweep, then you don't really have to worry about the Railguns. However, if you're trying to clear a Bunker, the Railguns will prove to be a problem. They will force the Slimeattikus to fission early, not giving your Vorgs a chance to heal, and not letting them get in their initial damage. Also, once fissioned, the Snipers can one shot one kill them, rendering your healing party useless.


This is a very useful tactic that can get high damage monsters through a base with well placed defenses.

The key to this tactic is the fact that the enemies Railguns and Quakes have been taken out. If not, this strategy usually fail. However, there is more than one way to use this strategy. You first launch in a huge wave of weak monsters (about 100). They can be Pokey, Octo ooze, or Bolt, depending on what you aim is. Then, using your vast numbers, you sneak in a few (10 maximum) high damage monsters or a weakened champ. The weak monsters will cover for the high damage ones, effectively shielding them from harm.

This can be used to destroy the opponent's remaining defenses, loot resources, or just flat out destroy their base. WARNING: Do not use this on your first or second waves. Do not use this on a base with a Fomor without rocket Daves. Do not use it on a base with high level Lasers. Scout for remaining booby traps first.

Now that this part of the guide is over, you should know a thing or two about monsters.

Towers and Defenses

This section of the guide will explain to you the different types of towers, their abilities, and the art of base designing......from the attacker's point of view. Note that the Monster Bunker is not in this section. It will be discussed in the section, Monster Bunkers, Scouting, and Baiting.

Sniper Tower

This is a relatively weak tower in terms of fire rate, which is the most important stat. However, as they all say: what it lacks in speed, it makes up in range and damage. However, the most important thing about the Sniper is it's staggering range. If you can place high health buildings to stall the invaders, then you Snipers will have no trouble picking them off, one by one. They can be outgunned by the Tesla but since their damage is instantaneous, Zafreetis will not be able to balance the damage out slowly, like they can with other towers. Also, you can build six or these towers, allowing you to 6000 damage anything, crushing lesser enemies almost immediatly.

To take out this tower, simply just use more than 25 monsters and it usually will fall. However, if they are stategically placed and well protected near the center of the base, then you will find youself having a helluva time breaking through the harvesters with 6 snipers picking off even the highest health monsters (like Gorgo; believe me, I know) Try to catapult them since they usually aren't cataprone. If they are, then the only way past them in PPX (un-economical) or raw force (not recommended).

Cannon Tower

Many weak monsters are considered "cannon fodder". There's are reason many people fear this annihilating tower. It's splash damage is low, but enough to take out a pack of Octo ooze. In lower levels, they are seen as helpless towers. However, once they become level 6+, their usefulness surpasses everything except Quakes and Railguns. Since you can build six of them, they can easily demolish even a wave of crabbatron with their fast firing rate, good damage, and AOE attack. Their splash makes it hard for a lone Zafreeti to heal all the monsters.

It is noted, however, that these rogue towers can be defeated with any monster with a higher range than it, quite a lot if you think about it. Terratorn, Sabnox, and Rocket Daves will demolish these towers by firing projections outside their range. Any champ can easily crush the tower. Nevertheless, this tower remains uniquely deadly and is seen as the primary splash tower in a defender's arsenal.

Tesla Tower

This high damage tower is like an upgraded form of the Sniper. It does 10x the amount a Sniper does on the same level. Also, the lightning can switch targets and arc over to strike another monster, making it somewhat effective for crowd control. It is widely considered the third deadliest tower, losing to the Railgun and Quake. Even at an early level, the Tesla demonstrates it's damage capabilities by bombarding the enemy with a stream of lightning. They can demolish almost any monster but have a hard time outdamaging Zafreeti's heal rate because their damage comes over a period of time, giving Zafs a chance to balance it out.

To take out these towers, send in a few Daves and Zafreetis. This overpowered combo takes out Teslas with minimal damage. Crabbatron are KOd by Teslas perfectely so using them is a waste. However, Ichi can prove useful by tanking through. If they are level 5+, then the tesla can only kill one at a time and seriously damage the other one. Finally, a Pokey or Spurtz rush accompanied with Octo ooze or Zagnoid should prove fatal to this high voltage tower.

Laser Tower

An deadly tower with a low range yet an okay damage and very dangerous splash. They are the bane to all low health monsters but lose ground to heavy monsters like Crabbatron and Dave. Their powerful splash damage can prove to be be useful against Swarming. They are very dangerous yet also very weak towers. They used to be your best splash tower but now with Railguns and Quakes, Lasers are out of the Top 3 list. However, when teamed up with a Tesla and possibly a railgun, these towers can still demolish monsters.

A high health monster like Dave should be able to take it out. Crabbatron have a slightly harder time but still come through. However, it makes it hard for you to sneak in Project X since the splash hits everything. Upgraded Lasers are a force to be reckoned. They will destroy even Crabbatron and only fall to an aieral assault or Daves. Unlike the Quake or Railgun, a large amount of Pokeys will take it out, provided they come from all sides.

Railgun Tower

This merciless tower will slaughter enemies with it's massive range, damage, and infinite line of fire. Since it suffers no damage reduction, it can easily KO a whole bunch of Crabbatron from a long range at max level. They are able to stop Swarming and strategic placement, combined with the placement of blocks can allow this tower to annihilate any monster on the screen.

The key to it's defeat, however, lies in its reload time. A full four seconds. This will give invading monsters breathing room and Zafreeti a chance to restore lost health. By using the recharge time to your advantage, you can unleash destruction before the Railgun has a chance to fire again, rendering it useless. Strategic Railgun placement will, however, destroy your attack force. Champs can usually solo the railgun. The trick with this AOE tower is it can destroy high health monsters just as easily as low health monsters.


The bane of all flying units. The most powerful, highest damaging splash tower aboveground. Behold! The Aireal Defense Tower. This infinetely powerful tower, once fully upgraded, can bring down thousands of Terratorn with one salvo. It can demolish your healers and bring hell upon your troops by cutting off their health replenishment supply. It is usually the most protected tower and will usually be cataprone and fortified next to Bunkers and Quakes.

The only weakness this tower has is, well, nothing. As the most protected tower, you either gonna have to Candy Jar it (temporary... I mean like 3 seconds temporary) or use raw force to destroy it. If both ADTs aren't down by wave 2, you'll gonna have a helluva time on wave 3. Only suggestion, if you see a base with cataprone ADTs, do yourself a favor and economize on goo. Don't attack them. Raw force usually fails without reliable healing.

Quake Tower

The bane of ground units everywhere. The deadliest tower in game. The fact that you can build four of these devastating towers just spells out death for attackers. As of the update, Quake Towers can now be built in Overworld. Considering their high splash damage hitting everything in it's radius, it can single-handedly kill mobs of monsters. A Level 1 Crabatron can be destroyed in 2-3 shots from a Level 1 Quake Tower. Even Daves without rockets can be KOd while being stalled by a harvester.

Sabnoxes and Rocket Daves are good counters to these towers, as ADT's can't touch them and they are ranged.. Just beware of long-ranged towers like Snipers and Teslas near it. Its damage also becomes higher and higher the closer the monster. An Aerial Assault is also recommended, but watch out for the ADT's though for any well thought out assualt to take place, the ADT threat should be nuetralized.

Magma Tower

This fast firing tower can blast monsters to oblivion by slowly taking out their health through an almost continuous stream of bullets. It has no charge up time like the Tesla and does high damage unlike Cannons. It is useful but it's range is hopeless, limiting the kinds of monsters it can kill. It loses ground to other more reliable towers that can destroy monsters faster, countering the Zafreeti's healing. This tower, however, remains a powerful force.

Defeating this tower is quite hard though. There aren't many super effective monsters that take out this tower. Of course, for any tower with a limited range, using Rocket Daves and Sabnoxes always work. But no specific monster can destroy the tower with minimum losses. It's balanced stats are what makes the Magma Tower better than other towers.

Base Designs

NOTE: Please help me by posting RELEVANT pictures. Try to match up a picture of the actual base to a picture of the yard planner bird eye view. And ONLY add pictures to THIS SECTION! Thanks.

Most of you are familiar with luring attackers to take a certain path, leading to a cluster of defenses. This is the true use of blocks. Of course surrounding your silos with 5 layers of black diamond also works but the expenses are tremendous and you've only really delayed them for 15 seconds max. This part will explain how to counter certain base designs.


This idea is pretty genius and can force anything attackers (about 70% of your monster army) to get bombarded by a hailstorm of bullets. The idea behind it is luring your monsters into a death trap.

To successfully bait attackers, you can use useless buildings (Hatcherys, Flingers, Map Room, Academy). These buildings, while not useless like the name suggests, can be repaired pretty quickly and don't hold significant positions. Using these buildings and forming a line so that your attackers will follow them to whereever they lead can be very dangerous.

This can be countered to a certain degree, depending on how strategic the trap is. On the first wave, you can use pokeys to punch a hole in the line, allowing further attackers to go directly in instead of going around the outside. Slimeattikus can minesweep and Candy Jars will always be able to delay the towers, rendering their range useless.

However, a well thought out defense cannot be simply taken out by punching a hole in the line of buildings. Some have walls that redirect you while others will simply put double layers of useless buildings to make it harder for you to destroy. Booby Traps can't always be predicted and truly good bases have no pattern whatsoever, making Slime useless.

As much as I'd like to tell you I have a brilliant plan for attaking bases that use baiting, I can't. And I don't. I only have a few tips. First, always scout first. Second, disable their defenses and minesweep to make sure. Third, try testing out new combos to counter this deadly strategy.

Stalling and Blocking

Whoever invented this idea is either Einstein or the Devil. To defenders, Halleluja! To attackers, well....... You know, I'm not going to say it. Anyway, the idea of using harvesters to stall while ripping apart their monsters is just genius.

Basically, the idea is that you use a high healthed thing to stall while the defenders' snipers pick you off. This is so effective that even a max level Gorgo will die before he gets past the fifth harvester. Even with a Zafreeti. Stalling can be used in many ways and thus, can have many different levels of success. Nevertheless it works as a very good strategy as it can't be destroyed.

Because the main tower used to destroy monsters in the process is the Sniper, you have a lot of options. Candy Jarring it is perferable if you upgraded it to level 5+. This way, the Sniper will take at least 12 seconds breaking free of it's bonds, giving you an edge. Catapulting the high damage towers is also an option, unless they're cataprone of course. The fact that you are delayed by a harvester might mean you could send in a large wave of whatever to destroy it.

However, there aren't many ways to cripple this strategy if the enemy put a well thought stalling system. Pokeys could work though I'm sure the enemy still has AOE towers still standing. Of course, not using anything attackers always works, but you have to realize that Brains don't do enough damage to destroy a person's base. Also, they are destroyed very easily by towers such as the Railgun and Lasers. And defensive attackers can't help much against splash damage. Also, 4 daves are generally more useful than 30 Crabbatron at the same level. Especially if your Daves have Rockets.

Scatter Blocks

This is a ridiculously effective strategy. It has many uses and is the most widely used method of destruction and defending. The idea that cripples more than one kind of monster combo is threatening but the fact that it can be combined wih other defenses and designs is just downright dangerous.

It's principle, and I'm sure many of you know, relies on the scattering of a portion of your blocks. Space them out wide enough so that an Eye-ra cannot blow up more than one at a time. Metal blocks work best just in case they launch a Wormzer and it splashes on top of a block. This strategy should prevent you from using any Eye-ras at all and increase the use of long range towers. It forces you to launch your monsters on the outskirts of the base, making it easier for Snipers to pick them off.

There aren't any counters that I know of for this design. A wave of Valgos and Octo ooze would work. However, you only gained some time by launching your monsters in closer to their defenses. Eye-ra use is still prohibited. It's not life threatening though it can effectively shatter your attack force when they hit the Bunkers. It is still possible for you to blow up a whole bunch of Bunker monsters though extremely hard.

High CF And Low CF Bases

These two types of bases both have their functions. However, they will fall if you use the right monsters.

High CF bases are bases where all the towers are relatively bunched together, allowing multiple towers to attack a single monster. This works very well against Zafreetis and Defensive Tower Attackers by bombarding them with bullets, lighning, lasers, and every other weapon you have. It kills monsters very fast and can allow the defender to take control over monster combos. However, this base has a few weaknesses. It is, presumably, very cataprone and will allow Candy Jars to instantly cover about 60% of your towers. Also, PPX can destroy this kind of base within 2 minutes.

Low CF bases are bases that have towers spread apart. This defies PPX and stalls invaders. However, a swarm of Crabbatron could easily maul this kind of base since there really is only about a maximum of 3 towers firing at once. It is somewhat cataprone and will avoid Candy Jars but will open itself up for multiple other monsters.

Bases with just the right amount of CF are good bases. They can prove to be a real challenge to any invading monster. The relative idea is having low range towers near the outside of the base and high range towers near the inside. Fortifying the low range towers will allow them to act as barriers so that the high range towers will pluck them off. They usually should consist of scatter blocks, stalling, and baiting. These bases are extremely powerful and are not to be invaded unless you have a strong motive. If you really want to crush that kind of base, you better stock up on goo.

Now this Part of the guide is over. We're down to the last two parts. Hope you've absorbed all this. If you even bothered reading.

Bunkers, Scouting, and MB Baiting

This is an important section that will explain how to nuetralize the MB threat, scout successfully, and destroy the enemies base through a well thought plan. Because you can put any monster, except healers and Terratorn, in Bunkers, the ways to destroy a bunker are constantly shifting. This guide will only cover a few ways.

Bunkers : Crushing and Baiting

Most people use bunkers as stalling devices or destruction tools. Thus, they are very powerful and are able to destroy even your Champion if well stocked.

If a bunker is unprotected, by itself, on the outside of their base, you have it easy. Launch in your Champion right in front of a Bunker. Since the bunker takes about 1 second to release monsters, the Champion, unless Fomor, will instantly render a level 3- bunker useless. It should have only released 20% of the monsters.

If a bunker is relatively protected (surrounded by blocks and useless buildings, maybe a Sniper or two), then you have options. No, we're not just going to catapult it. I suppose you could but lets pretend your catapult got raided by flying sheep.

1) You can use bunker luring. You send out a wave of relatively high healthed units such as Octo ooze. The Bunker will release it's powerful arsenal the moment your Octo ooze get in range. Wait for the first monster to get close to your Octo ooze, then launch in about 2 Level 5+ Eye-ra with Airburst. They will splatter towards the walls which is where most of their defenders are. This will clear out about 75% of the bunker.

2) You send in two Octo Ooze first. The Bunker will spew it's guts at you. The moment the first Octo ooze dies, send in your Eye-ra. If you timed it right, the Defenders will have just finished the second Octo ooze and will turn their attention towards your Eye-ra. If the Octo ooze died slowly, then this strategy might not work since the defenders might not kill the Eye-ra fast enough. If your Octo ooze die fast, the Eye-ra will too, signalling massive destruction.

If their Bunkers are cataprone, very well defended, and surrounded by Defensive Towers, you will have a hard time. You could either send in Marolyn Monstroe. Or you could use a long process called Bunker sweeping. It works but it ain't pretty.

You send in a few Vorgs and a few Slimeattikus. The Bunker will release it's brethren and their Defensive towers will kick in. Assuming their ADTs don't blast your Vorgs out of the sky, your Slimeattikus probably won't fission if they're upgraded. The moment the defenders meet your Slimes near a wall, launch in a wave of 2 Wormzers and one Eye-ra. This will ensure that the defensive towers are weakened and diverted. Provided the base doesn't have Scatter Blocks, your Eye-ra will detonate and damage the Bunkered defenders as well as the wall (unless Black Diamond). After that you send in a few Octo ooze to clear the screen followed by an Eye-ra and you've just cleared a Bunker.


Eye-ra Wormzer

This deadly combo, if you remember, also works when attacking. The principles are the same though it's garunteed to hit your monsters with a shitload of damage, mauling even a pack of Rocket Daves. The Wormzer will damage your monsters and, if they were weak, destroy them. If the invaders kill the Wormzer (which is actually hard to beat), then they get blasted to smithereens by the Eye-ra's Airburst.

To beat this combo, you only have to use a single Rocket Dave accompanied by a few Ichi. Send in your wave of about 6 Ichis first. The Wormzer will come out and severly damage your Ichi with it's Splash Damage. Then you launch in a Dave. The Dave, if fitted with Rockets, will destroy the Wormzer. Then the Eye-ra will detonate on top of the remaining Ichi. Your Rocket Dave will proceed to wipe out the rest of the bunker.


A bunker full of these is just raw damage. If Level 3 Whirlwind is upgraded, the Bandito will slash through your ranks of even Champions, leaving nothing behind except a stain of blood. They do a rather high damage and take up only 20 spaces. They can destroy a wave of Pokey as easily as a few Rocket Daves.

To destroy this combo, launch in an Eye-ra and watch the fun as the Bandito explode in fireworks. However, if the base is Eye-ra proof, then you will have to resort to Marolyn Monstroe or just a pack of Wormzer.

Mini PPX

A rare combo that's actually genius. Basically, the defender has a Level 6 Fomor outside. Then he stocks his MBs full of Project X. The moment your monsters meet the defenders, the Fomor will buff the Project X, making them infinetely more powerful than your monsters. It isn't nearly as good as an actual PPX but it doesn't have to be. Destroying a pack of Daves is easier than destroying an enitre base.

To counter this combo, you will have to take out it's power source: the Fomor. Use your Fomor if you have one, or just bombard their Champion with Rocket Daves. Or Eye-ras.

Rocket Dave Octo ooze

This is a simple but deadly Bunker. Rocket Daves are notorious for killing a wave of enemies as well as a Fomor. The Octo ooze stall for the Dave while the Dave fires it's rockets, taking out enemy after enemy. This strategy is smart but not genius. And you have to be genius to foil a well planned attack.

The defeat of this combo is simple. Send in a Rocket dave with a Zafreeti. Or you can use a Wormzer combined with an Eyera. The Wormzer kills the Octo ooze, the Eye-ra kills the Dave. Simple.


This is an extension in scouting which was introduced in the waves section. This will tell you how and when to scout an enemy's base.



As we all know, this monster is quite cheap considering it's massive amounts of health. Also, it will target defensive towers, allowing you to figure out their tower levels and thus plan your attack from there. Also, the Crabbatron will expose Booby Traps, allowing your other monsters to tread safely. Send in a wave of 15-20 Crabbatron.


This superfast monster will zoom right in on the harvesters while the rest of your army stalls the defenses. These monsters will expose Silo Death Traps, random Booby Traps, and hopefully, MB combos. Launch about 30 in and you might even find out the level of the silos and plan your catapulting accordingly.


This fissioning monster is ideal for minesweeping, Bunker clearing, and Tower testing. They will rush around the base, fissioning and causing mass panic. They will expose lots of booby traps, punch holes in their MBs and destroy a few defenses. About 10 should do.


Believe it or not, this little monster actually works as a scout. It will help you gain the blueprint of their base as an anything monster. He will test their defenses, paths, and stalling methods. He will most likely die very fast though so send in at least 60.


When to scout? Hmmmmm. Well, on the first wave for sure. Then you should do some basic scouting on the subsequent waves.

Wave 1

This is a scouting wave. This means you should ONLY be scouting. Nothing else

Wave 2

This is an attacking wave. This should focus on destroying their Towers. Scout for Booby traps and the remaining Tower levels.

Wave 3

This is a looting wave. You should do minimal scouting before sending in your powerful monsters. Note: Looting doesn't equal Bolt.

Wave 4

This is a cleanup wave. You should do minimal scouting again and pretty much farm the yard for everything it has.?


This is the last section of the guide and will explain the biggest complication when it comes to invading: Champions. This part will outline the strengths and weaknesses of each champion and should help you destroy bases with ease.?

Gorgo the Great

This is, in my opinion, the biggest pain in the butt. It has such a high health it's not even funny. The amounts of damage it does is just right for killing monsters like crabbatron and won't overkill pokeys too much. Also, Gorgo is amazing when teamed up with other monsters from an MB. As the perfect staller, it will render most attacks useless. ?

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