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Strongbox level 3
Favorite target Bunkered Monsters and Champions,spurtz cannon
Attacks ground yes
Attacks air yes
Special ability attack triples while attacking other monsters

" Nocturnal by nature, Balthazar thrives in the dark caverns of Inferno. Its wings give it the ability to swoop in on ususpecting enemies to land deadly attacks. "

General information

Balthazar is a flying bat-like creature. It has one leg and two black eyes. What is notable about its stats is that it is the fastest monster in Backyard Monsters. Also, it's a 'Bunker Buster', as it deals 3x damage to bunkered monsters and Champions, and this ability does not need to be researched.

IMPORTANT: (Behavior) When Balthazar are flung into an enemy yard, they will first attack the nearest Champion, then Bunker/Compound/spurtz cannon (assuming they're filled with / shoot monsters) then will fly across the yard attacking monsters until there are no monsters left. They will do this at their own peril, crossing through enemy fire if on the hunt, before ever moving on to any other towers/building you might want them to attack.

This makes their path of attack unpredictable, and hazardous as they are vulnerable to every tower (except laser tower and cannon tower) in the game including Railgun and Aerial Defense Tower attacks and although it has wings and can fly over defense walls, Balthazar can be damaged by land monsters, including Gorgo and Drull and will trigger Booby Traps. 


Level 1 2 3 4 5
Movement speed 4.5 kph 4.5 kph 4.5 kph 4.5 kph 4.5 kph
Health 3,200 3,600 4,000 4,500 5,000
Damage 600(1800) 665(1995) 730(2190) 795(2385) 860(2580)
Magma cost 88,000 104,000 161,000 249,000 327,000
Housing space 40 40 40 40 40
Production time 30m 32m 34m 36m 38m
Production time MR3 1h 30m 1h 36m 1h 42m 1h 48m 1h 54m
Upgrade cost (Sulfur) 614,400 614,400 1,228,800 1,843,200 2,457,000
Upgrade time 1d 1d 2d 3d 4d
Attack to housing ratio 15 (45) 16.6 (49.9) 18.3 (54.8) 19.9 (59.6) 21.5 (64.5)
Health to housing ratio 80.0 90.0 100.0 112.5 125.0


  • Balthazar is the fastest monster (Although Bolts with Blink teleport faster than flying Balthazar)
  • Balthazars deal the 2nd heaviest damage of all non-champion monsters (surpassed only by Eye-ra) when attacking other monsters at level 6.
  • Balthazar can defeat all inferno monsters with the exception of King Wormzer in a fair one-on-one battle.
  • Balthazar is more of a 'gliding' monster as it can be attacked by all defensive towers and ground-attacking monsters
  • Balthazar can be bunkered like other ground-attacking monsters
  • Balthazars deal 3 times damage to monsters (including champions) and attack champions first 
  • Balthazar and Teratorn are the only flying monsters that do not attack five times a second.
  • A level 4 Balthazar can be killed by a level 5 Marilyn Monstroe.
  • Balthazar's health used to max at 800
  • Balthazar's head is fourth on the Victory Totem Pole 2.


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