Locker level 2
Favorite target Anything
Attacks ground yes
Attacks air no
Special ability Whirlwind

" Bandito's thick exoskeleton and impeccable accuracy make it the perfect monster assassin. "


Original Bandito Design

General information

Bandito is a mid-game monster with balanced stats. It has moderate health, attack, and speed. Along with this, it is also relatively inexpensive and hatches fairly quickly.

Bandito is also used for feeding a level 3 and 4 Drull.


Bandito Whirlwind

Bandito's Special ability Whirlwind

By researching in the Monster Lab, Bandito gains the ability of attacking all enemies around him. By upgrading this ability, the speed of his ability, "Whirlwind", will increase, making Bandito attack even faster.

Note that Whirlwind only works on monsters and not on buildings.


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Movement speed 1.00 kph 1.00 kph 1.00 kph 1.00 kph 1.00 kph 1.00 kph
Health 500 550 600 650 750 900
Damage 200 250 300 350 400 450
Goo cost 2,500 4,500 6,750 8,750 11,200 14,400
Goo cost (Map Room 3) 7,500 13,500 20,250 26,250 33,600 43,200
Housing space 20 20 20 20 20 20
Production time 3m 45s 3m 45s 3m 45s 3m 45s 3m 3m
Production time MR3 11m 15s 11m 15s 11m 15s 11m 15s 9m 9m
Upgrade cost (putty) 256,000 256,000 512,000 756,000 1,024,000 1,444,000
Upgrade time 1d 4h 12h 16h 1d 1d 12h 2d
Attack to housing ratio 10 12.5 15 17.5 20 22.5
Health to housing ratio 25 27.5 30 32.5 37.5 45


  • Bandito means "Bandit" in spanish. Edit ---> "Bandit" means "Bandido" in spanish. Otherwhise, "Bandito" doesn't exist on spanish -- (by Chicler, contact me if you have any other question).
  • A level 6 D.A.V.E. is faster than a Level 6 Bandito.
  • Bandito appears to be crushing a bolt under his right hand.
  • It is stated to be "Fitted with a protective exoskeleton", explaining its comparably high health.
  • In Backyard Monsters Unleashed, Bandito's name was changed to "Chuck" because it was changed to be a ranged attacker that throws rocks.


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