• Banditos with Bandito Whirlwind are strong and efficient defenders. Their ability allows them to attack multiple monsters quickly, allowing them to defeat groups of Fangs, Brains and Crabatrons. They can also be used to kill bunkered monsters during attacks. Watch out for Eye-Ras!
  • Once they are fully upgraded, they are useful against almost any ground monster, including D.A.V.E.s.
  • Good for use as supporting monsters during attacks (low level only).
  • Banditos are somewhat good for attacking bases when paired with a Fomor. A large group of Banditos (about 50) is enough to wipe out a base in about two attacks when paired with a Fomor.
  • Fling in massive amounts of Ichis to wipe out the towers and Zafreeti. After that use great amounts of Banditos to destroy the base with their attack power.