Shiner Banking

A level 10 pebble shiner banking pebbles.

is the process of adding resources from temporary storage inside their production building to the yard's main storage.

How it works

This is done by clicking on a Harvester and selecting Bank x (where x is the number of resources inside) or Bank All. Choosing Bank x will store only selected building's resources, while selecting Bank all will store the resources of all resource buildings inside your Storage Silo.

When the resources reach maximum capacity, a red exclamation mark will appear floating above the full harvester. Also, if one of your resources fills the capacity of your Storage Silos and Outposts completely, you won't be able to bank this resource until you spend some first.

Note: After Banking, you will get some points (and experience points) from the amount of resources banked.

You get half amout of Exp. points from the amount of resources banked. (for example, if you banked a total of 5,000 resources, you get 2,500 exp. points)


Resources in Outposts and Resource Outposts will be automatically banked, even when the owner is not logged into the game. Resources inside main yards still need to be banked manually.


Auto Banking

Currently, it appears to be unable to disable this feature.

Auto-banking stops if you don't log on for 24 hours.

Auto-banking occurs in every (Resource) Outpost