1. Get a Yard Planner


This is just an example of how the yard planner looks like, not an example of a good base.

Yard Planner

A Yard Planner

A Yard Planner makes it much easier to rearrange your yard, and it only costs 250,000 Pebbles and 250,000 Twigs.

You can also use this simulation of the in-game yard planner to save time:

Next Generation Yard Planner (NGYP)

2. Know Your Enemies

Knowing this will help you figure out which type of base/defense you should create.

An enemy with only general buildings on one side is very vulnerable. Putting the same types of towers together is not a good idea. If they do this they will be very easy to destroy.

Example: If an enemy uses flying monsters to attack, Rocket D.A.V.E.s in your bunkers are good for defense.

3. Know Your Buildings

It is important to know which buildings are important and which are less important. It is highly recommended that you place your Town Hall dead center in your yard, using the Yard Planner for accuracy. You may also place your Champion Cage in the center for maximum champion range (only recommended for high level champions).

General Buildings

These are the least important buildings since looters do not get any resources from them and they have low repair time. A good way to use them is by building an NEC (never ending chain). This is basically a ring around your base, to distract monsters that have their favorite targets set at "anything" (D.A.V.E., Pokey, etc.).

General Buildings

In this category:

Defensive Structures and Buildings

Your primary method of defending your yard. Without them any base can be farmed easily, even with the weakest monsters. It is important to upgrade these buildings as high as possible for maximum defense and range.

Defensive Buildings

Defensive Structures

Resource Buildings & Silos

These are the most important buildings next to your Town Hall. When an enemy attacks, it is usually for the purpose of looting resources from you. It is important to not place these where they can be easily reached and destroyed, particularly your Storage Silos. (You will lose 5% of TOTAL resources for each Silo that's destroyed.)

Resource Buildings

Town Hall Level 10

Town Hall

Your most important building. It stores most of the resources in your yard (8%). Protect it at all costs! You will lose 8% of TOTAL resources if it's destroyed. A building of a great monsters backyard

Town Hall

4. Symmetry

(MUST READ) It is important to make your base as symmetrical as possible to prevent or lessen the creation of weak spots, though it can make your base more predictable.


Town Hall Death Trap/Silo Death Trap


Checkpoint 1: Make sure your THDT/SDT works by posting an image of it. You can check in the BYM forums. If you do not have an account, you can make one or ask a friend that has one to post it for you.

If you don't know how to take a screenshot see this thread:

For the guide above skip to the Yard Planner guides section. I know it is not made for NGYP, so skip steps that don't apply.

Tips on THDT/SDT

-make the pathing as wide as 2 blocks, so dave fits in it instead of destroying blocks for it's path. Minimum should be at least 1.5 blocks wide.

-make the pathing non-rocket dave prone, so the dave will have to step through some traps before shooting it's rockets

-make the trap placement make the attacker not easily notice where the traps are placed

-make it as long as possible, but not too long

-try to make the THDT/SDT as small as possible, for more space for other buildings, unless you have a fairly large amount of yardage

-blocks should be at least steel level to function. The higher the block level, the better.

-try to make it as complex as possible, so it will be hard to copy without the yard planner images

READ: If they say it should work, move your buildings out of the way and test in-game. Freeze your champion and make sure there are no towers ranged on the Death Trap except Aerial Defense Towers since flying monsters do not path at all (only when your luring ground monsters of course). Make sure your Traps are put away, so monsters don't die while stepping on them. Then refresh before it saves, so there is no damage.

6. Defenses

It is important to place defenses in the right areas. Placement depends on your level and base design.

This is a table that lists all defense buildings except the Champion Chamber, since it is considered a defense but it does not act as one.

Make sure defenses are evened out and are as symmetrical as possible in order to prevent the existence of weakspots.

Name Description + Placement Air Ground
Champion cage
Champion Cage
This building can only be destroyed by splash damge. Make sure it isn't baitable, meaning the champion can't be killed easily by just sending monsters from the edge. This defense has the highest range in the game (30 blocks). Since the Champion Cage cannot be catapulted it dosen't matter if you put resources around it or not, and it would be hard because of its size. You can place this in the center for maximum protection, but this is not recommended for low level champs. This Cage can also be used as a big block since it cannot be damaged. It may be a good tactic to use Fomor in defence because he can buff monster from the Monster Bunker and even the Spurtz released by the Spurtz Cannon. Other good choice can be Korath since he has Burn ability which may eventually kill the attacking monsters.



Lv.4+ (Breath of Fire)



Aerial defense towerAerial
Tower (ADT)
This is an important building for defense against flying monsters. Without them your base can be easily destroyed by flying monsters. Place them between or behind Silos so nobody has the urge to catapult them because they would destroy Silos with the ADTs. To prevent your pathing from messing up due to the ADTs place blocks around the ADTs. Yes No
Tesla tower
Tesla Tower
This is a fast-attacking but slow-reload building with high voltage. Place them between or behind Harvesters. It is advisable to use perfect ranging with other towers so that Zafreetis get targeted instead of other monsters.  Yes Yes
Laser tower
Laser Tower
This is an excellent low range defense for weak monsters, but it may not be as effective for stronger monsters. Place them between or behind Harvesters. To get the maximum potential of this tower it is advisable to place it near corridors created with blocks. It is particularly effective against groups of monsters with low or medium health. It may also be used as a bait tower in order to control how the monsters are pathing. No Yes
The Railgun shoots an infinite line of power. The line damages monsters outside of Railgun's range but it only reacts to monsters in its range. Use this for your death trap, so monsters get damaged while pathing. Place these between or behind harvesters. It is best to use them at the end of corridors because it fires in a straight line. No Yes
Monster bunker
Monster Bunker
The Bunker houses monsters that fight to the death trying to kill your enemies. Place them as close as possible to your Town Hall for maximum protection, with Harvesters in front of them. The monsters you put in here depends on your base, but here are some recommended monsters for all bases:

Rocket D.A.V.E.s., Airburst Eye-ras, Whirlwind Banditos and Crabatrons. If you're a low level and do not have any of these, just use the monsters you have.

Another good combo may be: Rocket D.A.V.E.s, Airburst Eye-ras and Balthazars. Amazing combo against air attacks and it has huge damage potential because of Balthazars and Eye-ras.

  • Note: If a Bunker is destroyed by a Catapult, all the monsters inside will be killed.
Depends on monster and ability. Yes
Sniper tower
Sniper Tower
Sniper Tower is best used for long range support unless you don't have any Teslas, Railguns, or Bunkers since it wouldn't be as strong alone. Place these near Teslas, Lasers, Cannon Towers or Quake Towers so they support them. It doesn't matter if you have Harvesters near them since it is unlikely for anyone to aim just for these. Can be used in the NECoT because it has very high health or in the core of the base because of its high range. Yes Yes
Cannon tower
Cannon Tower
Cannon Tower is a fast attacking support tower that can be very useful for weak monsters, but just like Laser Tower it is not that useful for stronger monsters, since they damage an area of monsters. Place these near Teslas, Lasers, Magma Towers or Sniper Towers so they support them. It dosen't matter if you have Harvesters near them since it is unlikely that anyone would aim just for these. No Yes

You can also make a ring with Sniper Towers and Cannon Towers to delay PPX

7. Harvester/Silo placement

Harvesters: Buildings that harvest resources (Pebble Shiner, Putty Squisher, Twig Snapper, and Goo Factory) Place these in front of defenses to make people hit/destroy harvesters with the defenses. Make sure you even them out. Do not place harvesters in front of Snipers and Cannons since nobody smart would aim to catapult just them.
Storage silo


Silos: Buildings that store resources The second most important building for resources. Place these in an SDT. Read for details: THDT/SDT

8. NEC (Never ending Chain)

An NEC (Never Ending Chain) is circular path made with general buildings like monster locker, general store, wild monster baiter etc. An NEC makes attacking monsters go around in circles, targeting the general buildings first. Make sure they are evenly spread out.

There are more types of NEC:

  • NECoT = NEC that consists of defensive towers

Most of the time in the NECoT are used Sniper and Cannon Towers because of their high health. The purpose of the NECoT is to stall monsters as much as possible and also to prevent them from reaching the core of the base.

The purpose of the NECoRG is to make sure looters don't reach the Storage Silos or the Town Hall very soon.

  • NEC of Anything Buildings

This is used to control how Anything Monsters path and stall them a little more before they can reach important areas of the base.

Note: It is very important to test the NECs a lot in order to make sure that they work properly. Tests can be made with sections of the base, or with the base as a whole from every single angle.

9. Leftovers

Have some blocks and traps left over? You should, because if you don't, you used too many blocks in your Death Trap. Use leftover blocks for pathing and as bait for Eye-ras.


You want attacking monsters to move along and inside a path instead of going directly to their next target. Pathing should be simple and short. Here is one example:


Also microchipping can be used to stall monsters a very long time. This is especially effective against PPX. It is advisable to have the areas in which microchipping is used in the range of the Spurtz Cannons which are extremely good stallers. Here's an example: 

Actually in the example there is a whole ADT+Tesla DT but as you can see monsters really have to path a lot. Moreover both SC can stall the monsters that are caught in that area.

Eye-ra bait

These are single blocks placed outside your walls to bait Eye-ras, preventing them from smashing through your walls and leaving an opening for other monsters to pour through. Eye-ras do splash damage, so place the blocks as far away as possible from any building, especially Monster Bunkers. Spread these out evenly.


This concept is used to counter Brains and other looters. It means that you should place Traps between your RGs so that Brains with Invisibility won't manage to take all of the RGs down or even the Storage Silos.

10. Perfect ranging

This is one of the most advanced concepts. It is rather difficult to master but it is considerably effective against Zafreeti. Most of the times it can prevent Ichi+Zaf from clearing the NECoT or DZF from destroying your base.

Let's consider that ar first monsters attack Building A then they move on to Building B and while they attack A there is Tower C that attacks them. There are 3 types of perfect ranging:

 Level 1 PR

Basically after the monsters destroy A while being attacked by C they will leave the range of C and Zafreetis will get targeted because they are slow and they will stay in its range for at least a couple of seconds until they catch up with the monsters.

Level 2 PR

Just as Level 1 PR but now after the monsters will destroy a building A will head towards B that is just very little outside the range of Tower C. Here's a simple example:

RP Level 2
Arrows show how monsters path. 

The Zafreetis will get hit just as long as they are in the range of Tower C.

Level 3 PR=AZAF

This is a bit harder to make. After monsters take down A they get out of the range of tower C for like a split second because of the blocks then they go back into the range of tower C. In that split second tower C retargets so Zafreetis get hit instead of the other monsters because they fly and they won't get out of the range of tower C. After the Zafreetis are dead the other monsters can be targeted as well because they may still be in range.

Here's an example:

Actually this example is a combined Level 3 PR with both Tesla and Magma. It is not necessary to do that. Building A ca also act like B and vice-versa because no matter which one is attacked first PR still works.

Note: For PR Tower C can only be one that can attack air monsters.

Tip: Tesla Towers and Magma Towers are ideal for PR because of their high damage/fast reload.

11. Miscellaneous

Don't expect to make an epic base on your first attempt, and remember that there is no such thing as an ultimate base (no base is invulnerable to all attacks).

Note: This guide does cover a lot of stuff, but not everything.

Some other guides:

After you read some guides, and when your done making your it in Stomp the Yard section in the BYM forums to get it rated:

Don't know how to post a picture? Use this guide:

After you get it rated, test it with the Wild Monster Baiter to see how well it works. You can also ask other players to test for better testing.

Warning: Facebook bans multiple account users, so it's highly recommended not to use multiple accounts.

This is just the start of making epic bases. It's recommended to make newer designs as your level increases/game evolves to make the strongest base possible.

Useful Tips

  1. Try to make a strong base, rather than a base that looks cool. (Reasons: Pathings can be ruined, and it can be a waste of blocks)
  2. No base is invincible. Any base can be destroyed with time and skill.
  3. NEVER make a box yard. It's one of the worst yards in the game.
  4. Try to waste the attacker's time as much as possible. One way is a NEC (as said in #8).
  5. Try to make defenses cover as many buildings as possible.
  6. Don't put all the same resources together. So if you are attacked you don't lose all that one resource.
  7. Generally, it's a good idea to place buildings from middle to edges according to importance (eg. Town Hall in centre, then silos protected with good towers, then harvesters...) Use this as a general guideline on your base design.
  8. Keep in mind that due to the "invention" of the catapult, buildings packed together can be easily destroyed. Try to spread out your buildings so catapulting is rendered useless.
  9. Before thinking of designing a new base think about the concept you want to use or what do you want it to be. Do you want to use a Death Trap, PR, NEC? Do you want a spread out design, one with CF, a DAM? 
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