There are many different types of Yards seen in Backyard Monsters, the most common of which is the box yard.

The Box Yard

The Box Yard is th most common type of yard (especially at lower levels), but it is also one of the worst. It works on the basic principle that the attacker will destroy the outer layer first, then keep going until the base is destroyed. If the base is built right, the monsters will destroy the first layer of walls while the towers on the inside fire at them. The yard below is one of the better box yards, as almost all of the box yards have badly placed traps. Quintal dos Monstros do Mateus In the example, the defence tower layer has traps between the towers, so when a tower is destroyed it will guide monsters through the traps. Box yard

Quadrant Base

The Quadrant Base is slightly rarer than a box yard. A quadrant base can be adjusted very easily to add in pathing for Town Hall/Silo Death Traps (THDT/SDTs). Overall, a Quadrant base is better than a box yard, due to how much you can customize it and because of the fact that it has basic pathing.

Pathing Reliant

One of the rarest types of bases is the Pathing Reliant. This type of base is similar to a spread design in the fact that they take advantage of where monsters go and use this by making sure the valuable buildings are well protected through traps and towers. This design in particular has one main SDT/THDT and a smaller one that will help stop the looting wave after PPX.


A microchip is a base that is designed to work strongly against PPX. When designed properly it will cause tower attackers to go around the whole base twice. However, itonly works against tower-targeting attackers. It is not as strong against other types of attacks (eg. D.A.V.E.s). Complete microchips are rare, but many people do put semi- [1]By Cool37132Added by Who wants 2 Knowmicrochips as a part of their bases to make their bases stronger against PPX.


Spread Base

A spread base's main purpose is to delay monsters as long as possible by spacing buildings as far apart as possible. They generally have a NEC to help slow down enemy monsters more. Spread designs generally have lone towers to shoot at traveling mosters. Spread Yards generally require 4 to 5 expands to make.



  • Because of the Yard Planner 2 you can now have every type of Yard(you need D.A.V.E. Clubsubscription because you have to use 5 save slots and having subscription gives you access to 10 slots rather than the usual 2 by adding 8 more).
  • You can also use the yard planner so you can change your yard design to fit the situation.
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