Town Hall Level Required 2
Maximum Building Levels 5
Building Usage Defense
Size 1 x 1 in blocks

Note: This is an article on regular overworld blocks. If you are looking for an article on Inferno Blocks, visit Block (Inferno)

" A simple brown block, used to build wall to protect buildings and channel attackers into traps or closer to towers. Can be upgraded from wood to stone to metal to gold to black diamond! "

General information

Blocks are used to build 1x1 walls, both to protect buildings and to channel (path) attackers into traps or closer to defensive towers or to waste time. They can be upgraded from wood to stone, then on to metal, gold and black diamond. As you level up you will become more vulnerable to attacks, you will also have problems upgrading defensive towers when trying to upgrade all other buildings. Blocks protect your buildings, making it harder for monsters to get to their target giving defensive towers more time to destroy monsters. They are also used to create SDT traps or to lead monsters into booby traps while defenses finish them off.

There is another type of Block found in Inferno. In Inferno they can be upgraded from brimstone to granite and then to forged steel. Brimstone-blocks upgrading stats are equivalent to wood-blocks upgrading stats, granite-blocks upgrading stats are equivalent to stone-blocks upgrading stats and forged steel-blocks upgrading stats are equivalent to metal-blocks upgrading stats.

Blocks can be used as a measurement with the yard planner. Each block is the size of four of the smallest increment you can move an object. An increment is an increase For example, a building the size of two blocks*two blocks is eight increments*eight increments.

Building and Upgrading

Level Health Points Cost Construction Time Resources Recycled Repair Time
Twigs Pebbles Twigs Pebbles
1 1,000 1,000 0 5s 500 0 5s
2 2,300 (+130%) 0 10,000 5s 500 5,000 5s
3 5,750 (+150%) 100,000 100,000 5s 50,500 55,000 5s
4 18,000 (+213%) 200,000 200,000 5s 150,500 155,000 5s
5 27,000 (+50%) 400,000 400,000 5s 350,500 355,000 5s

Building Stages

Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 Wooden Block v3 Block level 1 damaged Block level 1 destroyed
2 Stone Block v2 Block level 2 damaged Block level 2 destroyed
3 MetalBlock Block level 3 damaged Block level 3 destroyed
4 Golden Block Block level 4 damaged Block level 4 destroyed
5 Block 5 Block level 5 damaged Block level 5 destroyed

Build limits

Town Hall Level Maximum Amount
1 -
2 30
3 60
4 120
5 200
6 220
7 280
8 300
9 340
10 400
Outpost 100


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  • A Block takes the shortest time to build.
  • Blocks are automatically fixed in few seconds.
  • The repair time for Blocks never changes, regardless of its level
  • A Block is the only construction that when upgraded does not increase in time.
  • Upgrade All for Blocks now calculates under construction Blocks in the Shiny cost.


  • Black Diamond Blocks were added to the game in July 1, 2011.
  • All blocks of the same level and from the same world have the same shapes and sizes.
  • There used to be only two kinds of blocks before, Wooden and Stone. They had to be built separately. Whats more, you have to rebuild them every time its destroyed. They do not looked attached either when placed together.
  • Correct numbers appear when Gold or Black Diamond Blocks are destroyed.


  • It'll take more than one Level 6 Eye-Ra (24,000 Damage) to destroy a Black Diamond Block.
  • Teratorn can now attack blocks using its ricochet ability.
  • Zafreeti, Vorg, Malplus, and Balthazar are the only monsters that will never attack blocks.
    • Although a level 3 or higher Fomor can fly, it will attack blocks if the monsters that he is buffing is blocked by a block.


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