• A job09

    Um, guys, our admin, Kevin has now resigned right now. But however, I see he has not lefted this wiki yet. But I think he will leave this wiki tomorrow. It's sad to see that an admin has resigned because all admins are important, right? They help this wiki a lot, and they are also like our master, leader, or King/Queen. So, good bye Kevin! And good luck on your school years! We will miss you! Have a nice day!

    NOTE: Since Kevin has resigned, all those lock/unlock requests must be to V.2.0.0b, our new bureaucat. No admin has the right to block an user to request to Kevin. Even it do a lot of times, it's not a part of a block.

    So, our new bureaucat, V.2.0.0b, good luck for the wiki and stay this wiki alive! Do your best! It's an important task …

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  • Bigbangtacos

    inferno region

    August 27, 2012 by Bigbangtacos

    'We all love the Inferno region and the importent roll it plays. It mirrors the upper backyard monsters world with an underhall,resource pods, and bone,coal,sulfer,and lava. Getting an Inferno was an important accomplishment,getting me back in the game after my 3 week visit with my dad.I was a level 29 when I left, and so were my neighbors,but when i got back, they were all 36's

    • inferno lets you unlock new champions
    • inferno lets you start somthing new in backyard monsters without starting a new account
    • Inferno is just fun

    And thats why I love inferno and i hope you do to.

    ' '

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  • Karl raphael


    August 22, 2012 by Karl raphael

    How to register in kixeye forums :( pls help me :)

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  • Karl raphael


    August 22, 2012 by Karl raphael

    Hi this is my photo shops :D

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  • Stupid project x

    Goodbye...Or Not?

    August 20, 2012 by Stupid project x

    Hey Guys,

    Uh, I dunno what to say, so here's what's happening. I went to a boarding school and I am forced to board.(Grade 7=Compulsory!)I knew that I won't be playing BYM in the school year, but I will be on the wikia, IF THE SCHOOL PERMITS ME.*Sighs* If I can, I'll promise that I'll contribute to the wiki every school day, in order to get my 100 days. If I can't, I'll do my best at Saturdays and Sundays.

    P.S. I'll be doing my best to play BYM in the school.


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  • Ikk200

    FoD: Korath

    August 20, 2012 by Ikk200


    I just wanted to tell you that I got FoD (Fist of Doom) for my Korath.

    Have you got FoD? Let me know in the comments ;-)


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  • Karl raphael


    August 17, 2012 by Karl raphael

    hi i cannot banned a hacker bacause i dont know what is user ID pls Help me His name in FB is Seth Genavia! PLS HELP ME ADD HIM AND ASKHim WHAT IS ID NUMBER!

    UPDATE:Seth Has Been Banned.....

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  • Bigbangtacos

    tacos corner

    August 10, 2012 by Bigbangtacos



    this wiki is dieing because

    of the fact that all the admins are resigning,

    and the fact there is a shortage of users.


    you cant keep a successfull wiki up with three admins.

    i am not an admin, i just want this wiki to stay alive.

    • admins are quitting
    • shortage of users
    • lack of need for the wiki


    Submit ideas today

    p.s if you disagree with me, leave a comment on my message wall. this blog is to discuss the problem and pool ideas to solve it

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  • Korath Alpha

    Will the wiki "die"?

    August 10, 2012 by Korath Alpha

    Yes you saw the title. Now why will the wiki "die" you ask? Perhaps these explanations will answer your question.

    • We have a few active administrators, and a little users.
    • Backyard Monsters explain itself, and you only need to read the content here once. Afterwards you are prepared.
    • Strategies? These can be found in the Kixeye forums.
    • Some admins quitting (MHLut, -xKevin-, and possibly me)

    These are just a few of the factors why the wiki is dying. We only have a short amount of time until this wiki falls to pieces. Note that 3 admins cannot keep a wiki going up well. To all anonymous contributors and users reading this, we need your help.

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  • 9spaceking


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  • DoomX191

    My blogs

    July 29, 2012 by DoomX191

    Yeah ok so this is my blog page...

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  • Stupid project x

    I'm BACK!!!

    July 28, 2012 by Stupid project x

    Hi, everyone,

    You've not seen me for a week already. This is caused by my computer crashed down and I can't open my windows.

    Anyway, my computer is fixed, so I will be back editing now.

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  • -xKevin-

    Wiki updates

    -added Request Page Lock/Unlock page

    -this has been a while, for those who don't know, try hovering the Community Guidelines link under Community tab to view reporting/requestion options

    Coming soon

    Note: All these updates are NOT guranteed to come.

    -new mini portal for pages

    -new bureacaut

    -DOTW (Discussion Of The Week) will be active again, or gone

    -better vandalism prevention/decreasing system, or not

    -new admins users to get rollback power

    -new wiki features if new ones come out, if it's suitable for this wiki, it will be enabled

    -a new portal

    -a new strategy page system, but won't be as good as the strategies in BYM forums

    -possible support for Kongregate

    -inferno userbox

    -if needed, userbox and infobox updates

    -I -xKevin- wil…

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  • -xKevin-


    July 28, 2012 by -xKevin-


    I'm resigning soon. I have been here for over an year, and I really should enjoy my summer as much as possible, and do my best at Gr.11. The reason is because I'm already addicted to games, and this isn't really helping since it's a wiki about a game. Of course this gives me some experience about wiki and stuff but I don't think I'm gonna work at a wiki.

    I'm not quitting right now, but whenever I want to or need to, I will.

    I already contacted MHLut about the new burecaut, you can look at the message if you want. If she dosen't reply, it won't affect me at all since I'm not staying until she replies. I might make a burecaut before she replies, but it's not really a big deal since I can easily recruit more admins before quit.

    To be honest, …

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  • Iggyvolz

    See right side. This pic was taken on Kong while game was loading. I had seen it a few times before, but couldn't get to the print screen button in time.

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  • Ikk200

    Hello Everyone,

    I was looking through Kixeye's CDN (As Usual :P) and I found this, The 'tagline' for all the images show "COMING SOON" written in different positions.

    What do you think it is? I think the photos of "it" in different positions show it like Day 1, then Day 2 etc.


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  • Ikk200

    Hello Everyone,

    Check out this new logo I made in my spare time:

    Give it a rate out of 5;


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  • 9spaceking

    My quadrant base

    July 23, 2012 by 9spaceking

    Hello. This is my poorly defenced yard (compared to other same level people) because I am lvl 45. Well? Any suggestions? Ps. i know its bad, cause I tried to copy the 4th yard of brukkarg--pretty similar, right?

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  • A job09

    My yard

    July 22, 2012 by A job09

    Well, welcome to my blog! I upgraded my Town Hall to Level 10, so all people, please see my yard!


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  • Iggyvolz

    I recently leveled up to Level 33 overground, so since it was suggested that different levels correspond to different ratios of mushrooms, here's what I have so far:

    Mushroom Type Times Picked Shiny recieved Average Shiny per Mushroom Average $ per mushroom*
    Single 6 6 1 0.01
    Double 7 6 0.86 0.0086
    Both 13 12 0.92 0.0092
    - using 1 Kred = 10 shiny and 1 Kred = 10 cents, so 10 shiny = 10 cents and 1 shiny = 1 cent

    Some facts from the first round:

    1. Each mushroom picked is worth an average about 1 cent or 1 Kred
    2. Neither mushroom showed a huge advantage over the other
    3. On average, a yard with all 20 mushrooms has 20 cents laying around.
    4. You earn, on average, 1 cent per day
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  • Moodog3

    I'm confused about Krallen, I got him to level 5 and all the loot buffs, but I still see a timer... Is this a bug or is it intentionally? Do I just ignore it?

    Here's a picture,

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  • Korath Alpha

    Especially for all signed in ones...

    No one is allowed to make a Discussion of a Week without permission from -xKevin- or me. If you have any concerns with the making of the Discussion of the Week, here it is:

    • We put a number in the title. Name your Discussion with the monster being discussed.


    Discussion of the Week 12: Drull

    • Please do not make your Discussion a day before or a day after Tuesday in Kixeye time.
    • No vulgar language.
    • No inappropriate language
    • No fake data
    • It should have pros and cons, how to use the monster well, etc.
    • Towers can be used, although you need to change what used to be "How to use the monster well" to how to defeat and proper placement.

    More rules coming soon.

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  • Kefkagarland

    This is just a thoery...but what if all the events going on are because BYM will shut down?Facebook had receved event after event non stop.But on kongregate hackers are taking control...Is Kixeye afraid of more hackers ruining the game?Will they go so far as to shut down the attacking of other players and limit it to only tribes...Who knows.

    This has been Thoerys and wierd stuff considered come in Next Saturday for a new episode.

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  • Stupid project x

    Note: This is for Noobs who dunno what is an NEC or badly placed NECs

    A NEC stands for Never Ending Chain. A NEC consists of a circle of General Buildings around the core. A NEC is a nightmare for your anything monsters(example:D.A.V.E.), distracting them.

    NEC: The most-seen NEC because you don't get loot from these buildings.

    NECoRG: Never Ending Chain of Resource Gatherers(Harvesters). The second most popular NEC. Was used for defending PIBs(Puttied Invisible Brains, outdated) or PG(Puttied Grokus) and Krallen.

    NECoB: Never Ending Chain of Blocks. In pure words, lure blocks. A yard MUST have a NECoB in their yard or it isn't a yard(just kidding, it will make your base vulnerable to eye-ras)

    NECoT: Never Ending Chain of Towers. NECoT works wel…

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  • Amovist

    Rate this backyard in the comments, to see the before yard check my Blog pages.

    Amovist (talk) 13:46, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Boogernose51


    July 13, 2012 by Boogernose51

    There is a new event for the Brukkarg Tribe called the Brukkarg War. Don't know if it's for low-leveled players but it starts on Thursday, July 19.

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  • Iggyvolz

    Shiny Experiment

    July 10, 2012 by Iggyvolz

    Since I don't believe in paying to get advantages in games, I have to earn Shiny the free way - picking mushrooms. However, I have noticed over my experience with the game, that the amount of Shiny from mushrooms tends to be none, being less likely for 3, and even less likely for getting 8 shiny. I want to know how often the average person can expect to get 3 or 8 shiny. This is why, over the next few weeks, I will embark on the "Shiny Experiment". I will document every mushroom I pick. Then, I will calculate the average shiny from each mushroom. From there, I can calculate the average shiny per day, average per month, and average per year, as well as how long it takes to earn certain items in the store.

    Current Results:…

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  • Ikk200

    Hey Everyone,

    EDIT: Gallery removed and some of the post removed, check out the details at the Spurtz Tower page. It will most likely be a tower acquired in an event.

    See the Kixeye Forum post of this here .



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  • By D.A.V.E.

    Unfortunately, Backyard Monsters will no longer be supported on sites other than Facebook and Kongregate starting 7/16/2012. We value truly value our players and invite you to play Backyard Monsters on Facebook.

    If you play BYM on other sites (listed below), we can help you move to Facebook by compensating you for the time and effort you've put into the game. Please contact KIXEYE Customer Support with your name, email and game account number: and we'll get your Yard up to speed in no time.

    Here's a list of some of the features exclusive to Backyard Monsters on Facebook:

    Inferno - Build an Inferno Yard and raise hellish Monsters to slaughter your enemies
    Champion Monsters - Level your enemy's Yard with the power…

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  • The DOG named JAKE

    Everything has been messier since Wikia has been updated,

    Our Main Page portal, the sigs(kinda useless now because of messaging, but needed in talk pages), the other portals, even the chat

    I'm glad it didn't affect our family's iPad.

    What do you think about the new version? It stinks Disagree Neutral Agree Awesome

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  • -xKevin-

    Users have been creating discussion of the weeks for next week, when it's not the time that's suppose to be started.

    From now on, whoever is creating discussion of the week for the current week (not following weeks), that person must get permission from either me or Korath Alpha. Whoever makes discussion of the week(s) without permission, that discussion of the week will not be part of discussion of the week.

    -xKevin- Message Wall 17:32, July 6, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Biospark22

    BioBase: Tip 1

    July 6, 2012 by Biospark22

    Yo, yo, yo! Welcome to the first BIOSPARK22 blog post! 'Grats to come over here 'n close in on some good-better-bingo things! Checki-checkit out TIP one: What To Do With Your Town Hall And Harvesters.

    So, first build-Town Hall. It's all the glory of your yard, right there, everyone has one (I wouldn't see why not). Using these memorials will gave you a building glory, literally. It's pricey to upgrade, but it works well, consedering all the cool stuff. Try to place it dead center, with Blocks or Defense Towers like Snipers or Cannons... anyone will do.

    All puns aside, upgrading your Town Hall will give you a staggering increase of things to do, and the more fun you'll have. Let's dig in, shall we?

    When you upgrade your Town Hall, here's some…

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  • The DOG named JAKE

    This week we will talk about Fomor.

    Fomor is used as one of the greatest champs ever known to be gotten for free (aka without hardwork). 2 out of 3 players pick Fomor as their best champ. People like Fomor for a couple of things, one of these are that it is the only flying monster, and it's a support champion(a champion best used in groups of monsters).It is also best used in Aerial Assaults and Fomor Bombs.


    • It is a "flying champion", by means it can't be attacked by Drull, Gorgo, and Korath(without Breath of Fire)
    • It can "buff" other near monsters(even on bunkers)
    • It is best used with Bombs
    • It has the least monsters needed on feeding


    • It is the champion that has the lowest damage.
    • It is a support champion, it will follow and attack whate…

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  • Simida

    watch out

    July 5, 2012 by Simida

    Watch out for some spammers if they spam then you really have to block or kick or ban that spammer if you are a admin.

    EDIT: We know, we face griefers all the time. I locked this since there's no need of comments. I'm not saying who I am. :P

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  • FBPX

    Pockey bomb

    July 5, 2012 by FBPX

    Is a pockey bomb always seccesful??????????????????????

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  • A job09

    Well, welcome to my blog! Well, sadly I'm sick to say this because I known a bad skill for the vandalizers. Vandalizers must not see this......

    Well, the skill was known as "Double Vanda". Which it means a registered vandalizer will first not log in and vandalize. Then, the second they will do is to login their account to vandalize. Well, those who have rollback powers, please always keep our eyes open from a vandalizer that will do this skill. Well, if a vandalizer have a lot of accounts, this will be a red alert.

    Well, Kevin must read this though.

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  • Stupid project x

    If you are editing no more than 1 section, please do a section edit. Than will make us, admins and all other people know what's going on.

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  • Stupid project x

    Now KIXEYE changed the takeover costs more and more, just want to see who agree with it and who don't.

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  • -xKevin-

    Chat Rules

    July 2, 2012 by -xKevin-

    I know chat isn't used a lot, it's rarely used here. But like every chats, rules are needed.

    If you have any suggestions/changes for rules post here or ask a admin.

    -xKevin- Message Wall 03:09, July 2, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Ikk200

    Note from Admin -xKevin-: The Series Nav has been removed since most users did not want the feature. Hello Everyone,

    I've Added a new useful feature to the wiki called... "Series-Nav". Here's a example of it;

    Let me know what you think ok?




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  • Stupid project x

    Diamond attacking
    usage:Destroys yards in a few attacks.
    needed: Tanks(ichi,crabs....), anything monsters(pokey) and zafreeti+10M putty
    1.Send tanks in the four directions(Up,Down,Left,Right)
    2.Send Anything monsters in one of the other four directions and some zafs (eg.pokey bomb)
    3.(Optional) Catapult 10M putty ON THE ANYTHING MONSTERS
    4.Watch the video

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  • -xKevin-

    A facebook group for this wiki just got made! :)

    How to join: Just be friends with anyone in group, and wait till that person adds you to group.

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  • Stupid project x

    This week, we will talk about King Wormzer.

    King Wormzer is widely known for its staggering splash damage and its stats.(More than a D.A.V.E.) It is used to be the equivalent of D.A.V.E. in the inferno. It is also famous for the bunker combo 'Splash Raid', along with eye-ra. It is also the most expensive non-champion monster in the game. Its housing stats and production time is lower than D.A.V.E. but D.A.V.E. poccesses Rockets and KW poccesses Splash Damage.

    Pros: It is a overpowered monster, because its stats are more than a D.A.V.E.. This brings joy to players because they have 1 more choice besides D.A.V.E., making it an overpowered monster.

    Cons: It makes players hard to defend and the magma costs are BIG.(425000)


    Spread Designs


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  • Korath Alpha

    Welcome to Discussion of the Week. In this week we will discuss about the Town Hall 10, how to defeat the improved towers, and more.

    Being one of the most overpowered updates, along with Korath, this building allows new features like 400 blocks, level 8 complex towers(Tesla, Railgn, ADT, Laser), level 5 Monster Bunkers and more Booby Traps and Heavy Traps. Being the most awaited update, it is somewhat the downfall of attacking.

    Always remember that absolutely no base can be undefeated. Look for any weak spots and fling in the right monsters.

    However with both Korath with all abilities and a fully developed base, that is truly an extremely difficult challenge. It is possible to defeat any base at any circumstances. Here are some bases and how …

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  • FBPX


    June 25, 2012 by FBPX

    Why does drull have high attack?

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  • B.Y.M GaMeR

    about B.Y.M GaMeR

    June 24, 2012 by B.Y.M GaMeR

    TBH i am really good at backyard monsters. I have a good yard design and high level of sniper towers ect.I am level 43 and have all the monsters unlocked and leveled up to 5.I have 18 outposts and all are the mega kit. I think the best thing about Backyard monsters is all the new champians.

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  • B.Y.M GaMeR

    level 10 town hall

    June 23, 2012 by B.Y.M GaMeR

    every time i see a new town hall upgrade i will upgrade it. Correct me if im wrong but this one was 24,000 putty,pebbles,twigs. Every time there is a upgrade it makes it bigger and better and a better design. there has been a big improvment of the game backyard monsters with all the new monsters (vorg, slimeattikus, krallen, Inferno).I think there will be many more town halls and i cant wait.In my backyard monsters i am level 43 and have 18 outposts.i am signing of now but stay tune for my next blog.

    B.Y.M Gamer :)

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  • Bhancox

    The Titanium Temple

    June 23, 2012 by Bhancox

    I found this base design on the bym blog. The design itself is very good with many booby traps and defensive towers, this base is almost impregnable. I am attacked regularly and this base can only be harmed if a person catapults many twigs, pebbles and goo into it. Each sniper tower is at least level 6 and the cannon towers are level 5. The three tesla towers in the middle are each level three. The aerial defense towers are level three however, because they are in the middle, they cannot take out the attacking monsters unless they are in close proximity. Also, the monster bunkers need to be at least level two and the quake towers can be level one; it doesn't really matter what level they are. The block formation ensures that the attackers …

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  • KennethTang

    Updated verson yard. Please give me some comment.

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