• PokeyMookey

    Hello again!

    Ok. This time, I would like to talk about the strategy pages on our wiki. Ther is so many of them, and some are not even categorized. Almost every week, I discover some new page with strategies, because there is so many of them (proboably because a lot of users make their own page, explaining their own base layout).

    It is all messed up already on the first page of category Strategies. For example, we have two almost similar pages, just with different names:

    • Strategies to Building a Strong Base
    • Strategies to Building an Epic Base

    Sorry, but what is the difference??? And then, there is a whole bunch of separated pages, that say how specific is the yard they have. I think that we should create three new pages and only link those 3 to …

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  • PokeyMookey


    So as you might noticed, the Inferno is comming at us at full speed. There is alot of rumours going on about it, and some of them might be trought.

    For example, I heard that there will be a brand new underground base for each player. That seems logical, as there are already some pictures of new buildings that we will be able to build in the new underground base. The new buildings seem quite cool to me.

    However, I still can't amagine how Kixeye will manage to make a new underground map room. Will it be same as above, just with other wild tribes (Moloch maybe?)? will you be able to build outposts? Some people say that the map room is going to be similar to the one above, just that this one will have lava instead of water.

    Another thing im…

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  • Who wants 2 Know


    January 3, 2012 by Who wants 2 Know

    Whats with this inferno thing what do u think its going to be like maybe it will be a secondary base system like u click on the strange building and u can make a whole new base in the underworld

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  • Kairus101

    I know it isn't worth many points, but it really is an incentive to start the blog off. I am just starting on the wiki now, and hope to help out with tips and a bit of info on the points.

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  • Ponteo2345

    Update from Admin: Please continue the poll on these 2 links: Top 10 Monsters and Top Champions

    Please note that you cannot undo a vote, so choose wisely :) Commenting is disabled, continue commenting on one of those pages.
    1. Pokey
    2. Octo-ooze
    3. Bolt
    4. Fink
    5. Eye-ra
    6. Ichi
    7. Bandito
    8. Fang
    9. Brain
    10. Crabatron
    11. Project-X
    12. Zafreeti
    13. Teratorn
    14. Wormzer
    15. D.A.V.E
    16. Drull The Destroyer
    17. Gorgo The Great
    18. Fomor The Fearless
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  • By D.A.V.E.

    Merry Christmas!

    December 25, 2011 by By D.A.V.E.

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy editing!

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  • Vinzy 17

    Gone for a while...

    December 18, 2011 by Vinzy 17

    Heya guys!

    So you guys might've noticed that I've been gone for a while. One reason I can't log in with facebook (it got some error and the pop-up won't ... pop up which logs me in) so I've been editting as a random contributor. Another is that I've got stuff to discuss with the family so less time for the wiki and more time with them with stuff that I won't talk about and you know why. Third is that I was with my relatives for some time ... Christening, birthdays those sorts. And the last ... I was sort of on a vacation (that's what I feel like calling it but I believe it's not yet my vacation lolz). So expect that I'd be here now and fixing some more pages, fixing the templates (recently fixed the monsters template) and checking pages fo…
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  • Shandodd

    Moving Servers

    December 18, 2011 by Shandodd

    This may have been answered before and I am sorry if it has, I really need some help. I searched all around and couldn't find a direct answer. On the Map Room 1 of course it listed my husband and my two sons. We have all changed over to the Map Room 2 and wanted to create an Alliance and move locations so we were all by one another. But I seem to be in another world LOL. Literally! They have all added each other and moved but it does not even give them the option to select me to invite. Now as I read on I am seeing there really are other servers. I did the 0x0 jump and confirmed we are on two different servers. How can I get on his server if he can't invite me, is there a way? I have seen that I can delete my map room and try agai…

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  • Coolblaze1

    Just saying Hi

    December 18, 2011 by Coolblaze1

    Hi :)

    here i will update you on which wave i have completed on the wildmonster invasion




























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  • MrGuyDudeHolmes


    December 17, 2011 by MrGuyDudeHolmes

    Hi, I am MrGuyDudeHolmes, and I would like to share my secrets to backyard monsters. And honestly I think these are really worthy and people should take the time to see what I have to say. Now that is out of the way, Let's get started!

    What I am saying sometimes is a bit contreversal, but to most, it seems right. Upgrading resources early in the game is the best thing you can do for yourself. Being intimidated is okay, but having clever base design can also put higher levels in thier place. Of all things you don't want, it's to be stuck in the rut as a high level with low resources. And when you uprade them at a high level you just put a small shortage of that resource for a day, 2 or even 3. And if that wasn't enough, you need to make your…

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  • PokeyMookey


    I just figured something out! The damage, health and speed of all the monsters in Wild Monster Invasion 2 (also in 1) are 10% lower than they actualy are. :)

    I figuered that out by doing some tests with the Wild Monster Baiter, and made some calculations. It ended up showing that all the NPC monsters, that attack your base have their attack damage, health and speed decressed exactly by 10% (Please, don't ask me how I calculated it, it's 99% accurate...).

    And soooo... I was thinking maybe the D/H/S of the monsters in WMI 2 is also decresed, since the damages that they're dealing are quite strange (Spurtz 108, Zagnoid 72, and so on...). But, if you count those damages to be only 90% of the actual damage, the numbers get a lot nicer when you calcu…

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  • Vinzy 17

    WMI2 Monsters

    December 9, 2011 by Vinzy 17

    Yo Guys!

    Just wanted to talk about the WMI2 Monsters

    Basically, the monsters here probably have a counterpart with the original monsters. See that Spurtz is Pokey-ish and nearly as strong as Pokey. Sabnox and Zagnoid could be Octo-ooze, Ichi, or Crabatron (depending on how strong they were in the WMI) As you see in the WMI2 Banner and RSVP note, there is a Flying Monster (Teratorn's counterpart) and some big monster with bloody arms which look like some rocket launcher or any weapon (which is probably D.A.V.E.'s counterpart due to the Rockets ability) and they might also have some Healer monster (like Zafreeti) but I would totally hate the fact that they might have some buff monster (like Fomor) and worse ... they have Champions

    Well, I total…

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  • Vinzy 17

    I Gotz Fomor ... Again!

    December 7, 2011 by Vinzy 17

    Heya dudes (whoever's reading this thanks for following my blog posts)

    So again I still hate the fact that the Champion Chamber came late, but I don't have a problem about it. So I just got my Gorgo to level 6 this morning. Alsomy DAVE was level 6 and my Teratorn level 4 for some reason they all finished 2 hours apart. Right now I'm leveling my Fomor to 6 (YEAH!!). The thing I hate was ... I juiced my Drull and Fomor before I got Gorgo and if ever they had the Chamber back then I got all of them level 6. But anyways 45, well actually, 43 days til level 6 Fomor (because I fed my Fomor twice before). After that It's Drull time. I just looted Kozu with 20 Teratorns 3 Zafs and my Fomor and I was like ... WHOA ... I miss my Fomor back then (It …
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  • Ino is good

    Ino's Base

    December 4, 2011 by Ino is good


    Twig Snapper

    Pebble Shiner - 2

    Putty Squisher - 2

    Goo Factory - 2

    General buildings

    Town Hall - 1

    General Store - 1

    Monster Locker - 1

    Monster Academy - 1

    Map Room - 1

    Flinger - 1

    Housing - 1

    Hatchery - 1

    Wild Monster Baiter - 1

    Monster Lab - 1

    Yard Planner - 1

    Monster Juicer - 1

    Radio tower - 1






    ADT TOWER - 2

    RAILGUN - 2







    This base is very strong when attacked from the lower and upper part. The problem is that it shores up low defenses on the right and left sides.

    This is how the upper side works: …

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  • Vinzy 17

    Something I hate

    December 3, 2011 by Vinzy 17

    One thing I hate other than vandalisers vandalising everything (even those on the walls of the streets and stuff) ... When the internet connection just starts to go nuts ... For example I was playing Backyard Monsters then suddenly I lost the connection while I was attacking Kozu and I destroyed the TOWN HALL instead of getting let's say 4 mil from it, I just got like 1.5 mil .... Same goes with other on line games .... I just wonder why it's like that for now .... We don't have any problems .... We pay on time .... They say they have monthly fixes in their systems (the IP) so maybe it's the thing causing the problem ... anyways when I edit here .... It's still here YAY

    vinz(^^,)y17 15:44, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Vinzy 17

    Sleeping Helps...

    November 30, 2011 by Vinzy 17

    Heya People!

    For some reason as I was looking through the yards of the members of our alliance, i suddenly fell asleep. And I nearly slept over my mom's laptop 'O' I got totally bored ... As I look through one yard I was like, Dude I could totally catapult those bunkers, teslas, lasers, and snipers of yours. they're clumped together man! If only he was in my range, even if he was part of the alliance I could've looted him hahaha Anyways I don't plan on doing so. I feel dizzy. My vision was all swirly like mixing chocolate syrup onto vanilla ice cream. Nice. Early in the morning. Gotta do some work then I'm gonna sleep, if ever I have time to do so. Too much reverts, updates, fixes, rowspan and whatever I need a rest. And all I would say is ..…
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  • MHLut

    Administrators wanted

    November 29, 2011 by MHLut

    Hello everyone,

    As you may have noticed, I'm not around very often anymore. This is caused by RL time issues, me hardly playing the game anymore and achieving my goal for this wiki.

    When I came on this wiki, it was a mess. I cleaned it as much as I could without administration rights. When I finally adopted the wiki, I deleted many pages, reorganized categories, integrated the portal system on the main page and added various templates.

    I'm not saying that the wiki basis is set up, there are always things to streamline, templates to add, etcetera. I'm also not saying that I will leave the wiki. Requests for new features can still be made on my talk page and I will work on them. However, I will refrain from content editing unless it's purely fo…

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  • By D.A.V.E.


    November 14, 2011 by By D.A.V.E.


    I just have some tips on beating the WMI(particularly the bounus wave). And yes, I know that I should put this on the page, but anyway, here goes:

    1. Fill your bunkers with Eye-ras.

    2. Put all useless buildings and resource buildings outside to delay the monsters.

    3. Make sure the ADT,TH and silo is protected.

    4. If possible, use a fast computer.

    5. If you failed or the monsters are almost destroying your entire base, press F5.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Joshua Anthony C. Niñalga

    Hello To all users .....

    I Just recently finished the event and i want to show you the result. If you want to get this decoration you must first accomplished the event 1-30 waves and the bonus wave(specially the Bonus wave).

    The Golden Victory Totem is earned after the Bonus wave.

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  • Joshua Anthony C. Niñalga

    Hello To all users .....

    I Just recently finished the event and i want to show you the result. If you want to get this decoration you must first accomplished the event 1-30 waves and the bonus wave(specially the Bonus wave).

    The Golden Victory Totem is earned after the Bonus wave.

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  • KOKODY13

    Monster Invasion Mania

    November 11, 2011 by KOKODY13

    I just beat the 30 levels of the monster invasion and I am done. There is even a bonus wave that lags my computer so much that I can't play it, I don't know what happens next?

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  • Christopherlin12

    Spam Blogs

    November 8, 2011 by Christopherlin12

    There are a few spam blogs in this wiki :) Is this actually allowed?

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  • DarthGrievous1

    New Base Model

    November 4, 2011 by DarthGrievous1

    Hi guys,

    I've turned my yard into a custom base form that can be easily replicated. It requires a yard that has been expanded and probably a level 7 town hall due to the number of required blocks. Once I am able to upgrade to town hall level 7 (in a week or 2) I will post a picture, desription, and advantage/ disadvantage list. Also I noticed all stats for the Gorgo page were removed, so if someone could fix that that would be great.

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  • CattailsWelove

    Hi! I'm CattailsWelove, but you can call me Catts. I'm just here to ask you for a good strategy for level 5 town halls. I keep being attacked by these stupid guys that keeps destroying my yard! So do you know any?

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  • TheDARKomen11


    October 20, 2011 by TheDARKomen11

    i have all three champions thanks to that chapion chamber but how do i put the info about them in the userbox?

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  • 26 Vetrax 99

    Champion Monsters .

    October 19, 2011 by 26 Vetrax 99


    Facts about Gorgo :

    • Gorgo will beat a Drull of the same level .
    • Gorgo can lose to a level 3 Fomor and above ,but sadly that can never happen .
    • Gorgo costs the most Goo to feed .
    • At level 6 , to feed a Gorgo is more expensive than to feed a Fomor and a Drull .
    • Gorgo at Bonus 3 has a whooping 250,000 health .
    • Gorgo has the highest health among all Champion Monsters .
    • Gorgo , in most cases cannot solo a yard without any monster helping it .


    • Drull will lose to a Gorgo of the same level .
    • Drull can lose to a level 3 Fomor and above , but sadly that can never happen .
    • Drull costs the least Goo to feed .
    • Drull has an 8,000 damage at level 6 .
    • Drull has the highest damage among all Champion Monsters .
    • Drull cannot solo a yard without monsters .

    26 …

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  • CattailsWelove


    October 8, 2011 by CattailsWelove

    Okay, even though I'm not an admin here , I must say... Why do you just let vandalizers vandalize pages like that? Why won't you just block them? Recently, there's this guy who made a page called "Town hall" . It's the same as the page Town Hall but with non capital T. So you should block him for a few days to prevent this from happening again.

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  • MHLut


    September 26, 2011 by MHLut

    Hello everyone!

    I've just created a first version of a monster info box template, which I called Monsterbox.

    For now, this templates shows the main picture of a monster (the one used in-game), at which monster locker level it's unlocked, its favorite target and wether it attacks ground and air monsters. Since this is the first version, I can not guarantee it's working perfectly yet (or is complete). So, all your comments are welcome in this post!

    I'll start with integrating the boxes on a couple of pages. Note that these boxes include all necessary categories into the page, there is no need for putting these in manually anymore, yay!

    Once this template is working out, expect a building infobox (Buildingbox) as well.

    Hope you'll like the new add…

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  • MHLut


    As with the Champion template, I have included the option to not add a matching user category when using the Gender template.

    I originally only did this to hide the categories from the template documentation page, but you're free to use this for yourself. Check the documentation on the template's page for instructions.

    Just to be clear, both the templates mentioned above are used in the Userbox template.

    ~ MHLut 17:04, September 13, 2011 (UTC)

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  • MHLut

    We're not Kixeye staff!

    September 13, 2011 by MHLut

    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to remember you all that this wiki, nor its staff, is officially connected to Kixeye, the company behind Backyard Monsters.

    If you have any messages directed directly to the creators of the game, make sure you post them on the official Backyard Monsters forum.

    ~ MHLut 16:12, September 13, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Fatcom4

    Oh cool, blogs!

    August 30, 2011 by Fatcom4

    So I did not notice there were blogs...kewl! :D So umm......hmm....what should I put....umm, well, could someone explain to me how to put a pic in my sig? I still can't figure out.

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  • By D.A.V.E.

    Someone is SO ANNOYING

    August 14, 2011 by By D.A.V.E.

    Someone keeps messaging me but when I look at my talk page, I cant see any new messages. I don't know who it is, but if I find out........

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  • Mrfomor12345

    What Should I Do?

    August 12, 2011 by Mrfomor12345

    Hello I made a page on the wiki which is in a guide format where should i move it or put it because I am new. Please help me out. Thank you!

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  • MHLut

    Userbox update

    August 12, 2011 by MHLut

    Hello everyone!

    I've just pushed through a new update of the Userbox template. The following changes have occurred:

    • Alliance field; add the name of your alliance to the box;
    • Platforms field; add the name(s) of the platforms you play the game on;
    • Changed champion field to work with the new template (see below).

    The new champion template

    I found the current way of handling champions in the userbox a bit too complicated, so I've changed it. If you had a level one Drull, you first had to type 'Drull level 1'. Now, with the new Champion template, you would fill it like this:

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  • MHLut

    New admin

    August 10, 2011 by MHLut

    Hello everyone,

    Today I'd like to introduce you, for those who haven't seen him around before, to our new administrator: -xKevin-!

    I know I've stated on the official adminship request page (Backyard_Monsters_Wiki:Requests_for_adminship) that we're not looking for new admins at the moment, I have chosen to put Kevin up because I had that in mind for a while already. Also, I can not administrate the wiki on my own (the other admins have their own wiki, and are less active here).

    I'd like to note that Kevin has no right to appoint new admins, so don't mind asking him for a promotion when I said no ;-). If you're interested in becoming an administrator, please post this on the talk page of the adminship request page mentioned above.

    ~ MHLut 12:20,…

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  • MHLut

    Use the forum!

    August 8, 2011 by MHLut

    Hello all,

    It's come to my attention that some people create pages, which are about opinions or other forms of user pages. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. (Yes indeed, I used caps, woo!). We have a forum called Game Discussion, in which you can put all your creativity and compare with other users.

    Because people kept reviving the Drull vs. Gorgo page, I've protected it to prevent that from happening again. You're free to compare, but on the forum. I'd like to hint that all champion monster statistic and feeding tables are put into templates, which means you can include these easily, which means you can even make a general champion monster comparison (forum) page.

    I also want to remind you all that we have categories set up for all kinds of images (wit…

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  • MHLut

    Hello reader,

    This time not a news message, but a personal blog post. Why? Well, I want to see wether those posts get read and... I'm feeling like writing it!

    So why am I feeling like that? Euphoria! Misplaced perhaps, but nonetheless very satisfying. I'm quite a defensive player in the game, but there's this one guy who's been attacking me. It started out a long time ago, he attacked me sometimes and usually leveled my base. I never did much against it, rather than keep upgrading my walls. But then, maybe two months ago (I'm not sure, I have a horrible sense of time) I decided to put my D.A.V.E.s to good use and started farming his outposts, since his main yard is out of my reach.

    Lucky for me, this person has a habit of not protecting his o…

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  • MHLut

    Important forum note

    July 27, 2011 by MHLut

    Hello all,

    Finally I figured out why the portal forum template wasn't doing what it was supposed to be doing: I forgot to create forumheader preloads, which automatically add new forums to their correct categories.

    So now it's fixed (woohoo). Note that each new forum article starts with a template () plus a comment. Do NOT REMOVE these! Else, your articles will not be categorized, nor show up on the main page.

    Also, new achievement tracks have been added (for editing Monsters and Buildings pages). I think DarkusAlpha will edit these later.

    With this I end today's message. Enjoy the wiki!

    ~ MHLut 17:15, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

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  • MHLut

    Userbox notes

    July 25, 2011 by MHLut

    Hello all,

    The Userbox template has been removed from all new userpages, because the code transformed too early.

    DarkusAlpha reminded me that BYM has several servers, so there are multiple people who can have the same main yard location, but are not in the same 'world'. If you use the userbox template but want to leave out the main yard locations, just remove the entire main_yard line from the code.

    ~ MHLut 19:09, July 25, 2011 (UTC)

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  • By D.A.V.E.

    What the best?

    July 24, 2011 by By D.A.V.E.

    Whats the best champion? I have Drull but i dont know if its the best..

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  • MHLut

    Hey everyone!

    You've all noticed that the champion pages are a constant target of vandalism. Especially the tables are often filled with nonsense. Though it's been requested, I'd rather not lock up the pages for new and unregistered users completely. Because of this, I'm going to try a midway first.

    So, I'm moving the statistic and feeding tables to templates, which I will be locking down for new and unregistered users. This means that those who've been around more get the chance to fix the tables without their changes being vandalized in no-time.

    If it turns out that these actions are not enough, I may be forced to take more extreme measures. Hopefully that won't be neccesary. Let me know what you think of these changes!

    ~ MHLut 20:28, July 2…

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  • MHLut

    Hello everyone!

    Finally we also have our own infobox: the Userbox! This one is a quick addition to your user page, in which you can list your gender, country of origin, main yard location and champion (all optional, of course). You can see an example at my user page. If you want your own box, visit Template:Userbox/doc, where you'll find a code you can copy. Paste this on top of your user page and edit the values to match your profile. Piece of cake :)

    Have fun with the new boxes!

    ~ MHLut 19:37, July 19, 2011 (UTC)

    Edit: I've updated the default new user page (MediaWiki:Welcome-user-page), which now includes this user box. ~ MHLut 21:48, July 19, 2011 (UTC)
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  • MHLut

    Hello all,

    Today I've been spamming the wiki activity list by doing some big housekeeping in the images section. There are loads of uncategorized images, which I've started to sort out. This I combine with the adding of monster and building specific categories. Once this is done, each monster and building will have its own category, which bears the name of the main page of previously mentioned subjects. This category will contain the main page, the tips subpage, a subcategory containing matching images and, if applicable, other relevant pages and / or subcategories.

    Beside that, I've created the category User images and its subcategory Yard images. Yard images is meant for pictures of entire bases or Yard Planner base layout screenshots. The…

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  • Compidokink


    July 17, 2011 by Compidokink

    I have not got a clue what a blog is. Can someone please tell me?

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  • MHLut

    Hello all,

    Across the wiki, there were some occurrences of the resource icon templates named Goo, Twigs, etc. Over the past few weeks, I've removed many of these icons, since I've rewritten tables; where these templates were mostly used in. In some of the old tables, you may now see broken templates. You are free to remove these, or replace them with .

    If you are feeling into editing, you may also copy table sources from User:MHLut/snippets and fill these with existing table contents and then replace the old table with the code you've just filled in. Experienced users only.

    ~ MHLut 10:48, July 16, 2011 (UTC)

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  • MHLut

    Wiki suggestions

    July 14, 2011 by MHLut

    Hey all,

    Since I took over the wiki, I've changed things and saw you guys take over these changes in a positive way. So, before I start, I'd like to thank all of you who have helped improving this wiki and undoing vandalism on pages. You all rock!

    But, as you may have seen, I'm currently the only active admin around. I've decided to not hire new admins until things are settled with the other BYM wiki. There were plans to merge that one into this wiki, however, neither sides have taken active steps in this. Because both wikis contain a lot of information, there is no immediate pressure to merge, hence I've decided to fix this wiki's base first. And that's where you all step in!

    Like mentioned earlier, I've taken over some code from the Dragon …

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  • MHLut

    Chat activated

    July 10, 2011 by MHLut

    Hey all,

    From the Wikia Labs, I have activated the chat function. I have to say, I've never used wikia chat before, but it's something that might be cool once we get more active users around! You can find the chat when you're on a regular wiki page, in the right column.

    ~ MHLut 11:32, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Moodog3

    Where do apply? I can't seem to find it...

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  • MHLut

    Portal Integration (2)

    July 6, 2011 by MHLut

    Hello all,

    At this point you have probably noticed the changes on our main page. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am taking the portal codes from Dragon Age Wiki (with permission) and am still figuring part of the code out. Currently, because there is lots to do and there was lots to copy/paste from DA Wiki, you will find that the styling is a bit off on some points. That's because I have kept a lot of the old styling from DA Wiki, which is quite a dark styled wiki.

    Right now, pretty much everything but styling is done. However, since the styling is the most difficult part (I am used to CSS as a web developer, only the code is different from how I'd written it, plus Wikia works differently compared to your average website), you will s…

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  • Moodog3


    July 5, 2011 by Moodog3

    Why does everyone hate on Fomor? Sure he has his cons

    • Weak damage output.
    • Lowest health of the champions (though not quite low).

    But he has pros to back him up.

    • Flight (not until level 3) (but after that no other champion can hit him).
    • REALLY FAST (attack-wise,not movement speed).
    • Buff.
    • Good with D.A.V.E.'s and Zafreeti's (as well as good for support).
    • Really good at looting.
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