About Bombs

A bomb is used when a player attacks another player's base with [mostly] a single kind of monster and (optionally) a Champion. After flinging in all the monsters, you catapult a 10M Putty Rage on them. This requires a lot of monster space, which also means that you must have at least a few outposts.

  • Bombs are less effective (or actually rendered useless) now due to the weakening of 10M Putty Rage (from 0% armour to 10%) - meaning that now monsters take 10% of the damage instead of being invincible for 40 seconds.

List of Bombs

Unimportant Bombs

Monsters that can't be bombed/ or less effective

  • Bolt- A really weak monster with far too high a speed to throw more and 10m Putty all (see Bolt-Bomb although not recommended to all bases).
  • Crabatron- Not a wise choice, since Ichi has a higher attack, costs less and takes less time to produce. Also, Crabatrons may step on heavy traps after the 10m Putty Rage.
  • Zafreeti- Can't attack, so the only thing it can do is make your champion semi-invincible (as it would heal the champion).
  • Vorg- Like Zafreeti, it can't attack.
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