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Booby Trap
Inferno Booby Trap
Under Hall Level Required

Maximum Building Levels 1
Building Usage Defense
Size 1 x 1 in blocks

" Invisible to the enemy until it's too late. Triggered when a Monster steps on it, deals large damage to a small enemy. Place close to buildings or use walls to group attackers into a small place. "

General Information

Booby Traps are structures, invisible to attackers, that trigger when monsters move over it. When triggered, it deals 800 damage to a small area. Booby Traps are one-time use and when triggered, need to be built again. The amount of Booby Traps that can be built depends on the level of the Under Hall. They are identical to the ones in the overworld, and the attackers don't see the Booby Trap until their monsters take damage from it. Their look are identical to the overworld's Booby Traps.

Building and Recycling

Level Cost Construction Time Resources Recycled
Bone Coal Sulfur Bone Coal Sulfur
1 1,000 1,000 1,000 5s 500 500 500


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