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Booby Trap
Booby trap
Town Hall Level Required 2
Maximum Building Levels 1
Building Usage Defense
Size 1 x 1 in blocks

" Invisible to the enemy until it's too late. Triggered when a Monster steps on it, deals large damage to a small area. Place close to buildings or use walls to group attackers into a small place. "

General information

Booby Traps are structures, invisible for attackers, that trigger when monsters move over it. When triggered, it deals 800 damage to a small area. Booby traps are a one-time use and when triggered, they need to be rebuilt again. The amount of booby traps that can be built depends on the Town Hall level.

Building and Recycling

Level Cost Construction Time Resources Recycled
Twigs Pebbles Putty Twigs Pebbles Putty
1 1,000 1,000 1,000 5s 500 500 500

Build limits

Town Hall Level Maximum Amount
1 8
2 10
3 15
4 20
5 28
6 35
7 42
8 50
9 60
10 75
Outpost 25

Building Stages

Level Normal Triggered
1 Booby trap Images (1)


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  • Before the Map Room 3 update, the Abunakki Tribe uses more Booby Traps than any other Tribe.
  • The Booby Trap is the only defensive building that has the same size as the Blocks
  • Not only can the Overworld build booby traps, but Inferno Yards can also build Booby Traps. Which cost 1000 Bone, Coal and Sulfur which is the equivalent of Twigs, Pebbles and Putty in the Overworld.
  • Booby traps are made useless when healers are flung into battle.The booby trap (hehehe David Scott said booby) now has a graphic (finally) and makes a nice mess of any Monster that steps on it. It also leaves a black scorch mark on the ground to make it easy to see where you had a trap before it was triggered.


  • If an Eye-ra explodes near a Booby Trap, it will deal 10 damage to the Booby Trap and expose the Booby Trap's position.


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