The Brukkarg Tribe is an event tribe previously thought to be extinct, involved in the Creature Carnage and Brukkarg War event, and are known to specialize in espionage.

They are the tribes that introduced both Vorg and Slimeattikus into the list of monsters, with 'spy' monsters to spy onto your yard.

Creature Carnage Event:

For more details, check Creature Carnage

During Creature Carnage for players with Town Halls level 4 or lower, to obtain Vorg, you must defeat 10 of their bases; to obtain Slimeattikus, you must defeat 20 of their bases. Unlocking either monster will do so instantly without paying any Putty or otherwise needing to use the Monster Locker (if the player has a Town Hall over level 4).

Brukkarg War Event:

For more details, check Brukkarg War

During Brukkarg War, Brukkarg will begin the assult by sending in 5 waves of monsters (with different tactics) towards your main yard. After successfully defending your yard from 5 waves of attack, you will then be required to destroy his yard (Each yard different from the last one, and progressively harder than previous, with the last base the exact copy of yours pictured from the last wave assault) to fill a portion of the bar.

Every 5 monster waves and 1 base attacks equals towards a portion of the progress bar, requiring you to have progressed towards 30 damages before you can obtain the best reward. In total, there are five portions of the progress bar.

18 damages done to Brukkarg = 1 Spurtz Cannon

24 damages done to Brukkarg = 2 Spurtz Cannons

30 damages done to Brukkarg = 2 Black Diamond Spurtz Cannons


  • Brukkarg's Yard from Creature Carnage
  • Brukkarg's First Yard from Brukkarg Wars
  • Brukkarg's Second Yard from Brukkarg Wars
  • Brukkarg's Third Yard from Brukkarg Wars
  • Brukkarg's Fourth Yard from Brukkarg Wars


  • The Brukkarg Tribe is the first tribe to be featured in more than one event, aside from the Moloch Tribe.
  • The original rumors stated that they are specialized in water, as seen on the picture stating about Brukkarg War. However, it has been confirmed they are more onto espionage.
  • Brukkarg is the first tribe to utilize both Inferno and Overworld Monsters and structures.
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