Catapult 3
Town Hall Level Required 3
Maximum Building Levels 4
Building Usage Offensive
Size 4.5 x 4.5 in blocks

" A siege weapon, the Catapult hurls twigs at enemy bases to damage buildings. Upgrade to increase firepower. "

General information

The Catapult is a siege weapon that allows you to fire Twig Missiles, Pebble Bombs to damage enemy structures, or Putty Rage to buff your monsters in speed and armor.

The Cannon and Tesla Towers are greatly damaged by Twig Missiles while Sniper Towers, Monster Bunkers and Laser Towers are greatly damaged by Pebble Bombs.

NOTE: Your Map Room must be upgraded to level 2 before you can upgrade your Catapult to level 4. Previously, after getting a level 4 Catapult, you have more range on your map. But now, the range of a Catapult=total Flinger's range (includes Outpost flingers).


The Catapult launches three types of offensive resources: Twigs, Pebbles, and Putty. Pebble Bombs damage a specific area, and the surrounding buildings. Remember: never use Pebble Bombs on a defensive tower near a lot of Resource Harvesters, Storage Silos, or a Town Hall, since catapulted materials do not gain resources. Twig Missiles are similar to Pebble Bombs, but they do damage to more concentrated areas. The last resource able to be catapulted is Putty. This type differs from the two previous because it enrages your monsters (like Fomor).

Catapult Options

Size Resources Used Putty Bonuses
Twigs Pebbles Putty
Small 10,000 10,000 10,000 Speed: 120% Armor: 80% Time: 10 Sec.
Medium 100,000 100,000 100,000 Speed: 140% Armor: 60% Time: 15 Sec.
Large 5M 2M 5M Speed: 180% Armor: 30% Time: 30 Sec.
Huge N/A 10M 10M Speed: 200% Armor: 10% Time: 40 Sec.

Note: Armour is the amount of damage taken, not the damage resistance. E.G. The Huge Putty Rage will make monsters take 10% damage of what they would have taken if the putty have not been catapulted in.


Level Resources required Build time Resource Thrown HP Repair time Town Hall Level Map Room Level
Twigs Pebbles Putty
1 75,000 75,000 75,000 1h 30m Twig Missiles Only 4,000 1m 57s 3 1
2 128,600 128,600 128,600 3h Twig Missiles and Pebble Bomb Only 8,000 3m 55s 4
3 257,200 257,200 257,200 6h
  • Twig missiles (all)
  • Pebble bombs (all except 10M)
  • Putty Rage (all except 10M)
16,000 7m 50s 5
4 514,000 514,000 514,000 12h All possible options 32,000 15m 40s 6 2

Building Stages

Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 Catapult 1 Catapult 1 Damaged Catapult Destroyed
2 Catapult 2 Catapult 2 Damaged Catapult Destroyed
3~4 Catapult 3 Catapult 3 Damaged Catapult Destroyed


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  • Sometimes in battle, when you click on an option to catapult some resources, it will catapult the area you clicked (or the area of the button of how many resources you chose to catapult). The misfire happens when you release the mouse button. So if move the mouse over the resources, then press and hold down the button, you can safely drag (while holding the button down) the circle to the location you want bombarded, and release the button.
  • Sometimes, if you don't have enough resources to catapult, you can still catapult a building even you don't have enough resources (ex. If you have 9,800 Twigs, you can still catapult 10,000 Twigs) (Currently, this occurs on Map Room 1).


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