Wild Monster Tribes are the only NPCs in Backyard Monsters. They have their own yards and will occasionally attack players (yard layout and types of attacks depends on the tribe).

When destroyed, their yards will be rebuilt with stronger defenses than before, until its Town Hall finally reaches level 6. From then, it will just respawn until you make it your Outpost. Both Moloch and Brukkarg Tribes have their own special condition and does not function like the other 4 tribes.

If not turned into Outposts, Wild Monster Tribes' yards are often used to farm resources, as they respawn with fully repaired structures 24 hours afer the first attack in the Map Room 2. One single raid can bring 2m+ resources in total, depending on the level and the type of yard you are farming at. See specific farming strategies on the tribes' pages. When World map V3 came, the 4 original tribes would have random yards placed around the world map.  Their yards looked "Neater" and more symetrical, but also toucher in a way.  An example is the kozu tribe.  Before world map V3, walls were placed everywhere, making it look messy, but in the new world, it's neat, and so are the towers.  They are also tougher because they learned about black diamond walls.  Good luck trying to defeat their new yard layouts!

Known Bugs

  • With updates to Yard Planner on 29th June, all the overworld tribe's yard either cannot be accessed at all, or their design were similar to that of Dave Scott's (the creator of BYM) Yard.

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