Champion Bomb

DO NOT USE THIS METHOD ON YARDS ABOVE LEVEL 30! Champions are special monsters that can only be hatched through the Champion Cage. They don't require goo to be hatched, making them different from other monsters. They guard your base against any type of attack, and can be used for offense as well. The Champion Cage cannot be destroyed unless you surround it with blocks and use the Wild Monster Baiter to lure in Eye-ras.

The player has the option to chose one of three monsters: Drull , Gorgo, or Fomor. The player receives a level 1 version of the champion he/she chose. A champion needs to be fed in order to get stronger, and after you feed your champion it wil become hungry again after 23 hours. A champion bomb is a quick way to destroy a player's or Wild Monster tribe's yard using a champion, but in order to do so you must not let the champion evolve to level two.

To destroy a yard completely:

  1. Use your champion (preferably Fomor ) with a bunch of Ichis and Banditos to attack the designated yard. Avoid attacking yards with these styles: Never Ending Chain of Horror or yards that arrange all the general buildings (Map Room, General Store, Housings, Monster Lockers, etc.) in a circular formation.
  2. Of course, a level one Fomor would't finish the job that easily. So once you end the attack, immediately go to your Monster Juicer and juice Fomor. You won't get any goo, but that's unimportant. After juicing, hatch Fomor again in the Champion Cage. This time, use a Pokey Bomb in a second wave against the target yard.
  3. Don't forget to catapult the defensive towers, or say goodbye to Fomor!!
  4. After that, just keep attacking the yard until you're satisfied. Doing this with Outposts will bring more devastation.

If you are using a Drull:

  1. Half the life of all defensive towers first, giving Drull a much more better protection. It will help if you fling in a few Zafreetis along so Drull lasts longer.
  2. Since Drull doesn't buff you either send Crabatrons with it, or D.A.V.E. Bomb the yard ( if you're really desperate, or don't have much time) Only bomb the yard with D.A.V.E.s as a back-up plan, prepare the D.A.V.E.s at least a day before hand.
  3. After the attack, juice Drull and hatch a new one. But this time, use a Pokey Bomb in the second wave.

Don't worry if you're using a Gorgo, because of the low damage, I don't think you'll be getting much resources. But with Gorgo's high health, you need not worry about bunkers or defensive towers.

MasterTrainer 09:09, February 9, 2012 (UTC)

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