Champion Cage
Monster Cage 1v1
Town Hall Level Required 4
Maximum Building Levels 1
Building Usage Defensive
Size 8 x 8 in blocks

" Hatch and Evolve a Champion Monster to attack enemies and defend your base. "

General Information

The Champion Cage houses your Champion. After building it, you can hatch 1 of the 5 Champions, Drull, Gorgo, Fomor, Korath (If you have earned him during the Monster Madness Event) , and Krallen (If you have managed to fill the quota bar till the event ends). The Champion Cage can only be destroyed by Eye-ra's explosion, Project X's acid spores or Wormzer's splash damage (those three monsters won't directly target the Champion Cage, but the buildings near it). Even when it is completely destroyed, your champion monster doesn't die. The Champion Cage also serves as a "defense tower" as it releases your Champion to destroy the enemy monsters that come near your yard.

You can choose a level 1 Champion Monster for free from this building (Gorgo, Drull and Fomor), but you can only have one champion at a time.(But if you have Krallen you can have two.) If you want to change your active champion, you can keep the inactive one safe on ice in the Champion Chamber (without juicing) until you call them forth again.

Champion cage

Champion Cage as displayed in the in-game store

This building has an initial range of 30 blocks (tested), which increases as the Champion moves around the cage. When out of the cage, the Champion has a range of about 40 blocks, and could increase by baiting it.

Select Your Champion

Select Your Champion!


Additional section after finding Korath.


NOTE: The Champion Cage cannot be recycled with the champion.

Level Resources recycled
Twigs Pebbles Putty
1 250,000 250,000 125,000

Building Stages

Level Normal Open
1 Monster Cage 1v1 Monster Cage 1v2


  • Sometimes, players use this building as an almost indestructible structure as a substitute for blocks. But this is a very big mistake because (even) if you put blocks near it, the monsters will just walk 'between' the cage and the block.
  • The Champion Cage, along with all the Champion Monsters (except Korath and Krallen) were introduced on June 18, 2011.
  • When you are at your own base, the Champion Cage's gate is closed, but when you are attacking or viewing someone else's base, it is always open.
  • The Champion Cage has the capacity to hold 2 Champions, but only with Krallen and another Champion.
  • Some low level players can now get the Korath without any event.
  • All champions have their meals' halved. Krallen's quota was also halved.


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