Creature Carnage has ended.

Creature Carnage is a new event in Backyard Monsters that will reward players with 2 brand new monsters. It began on May 4th, 2012.


This event is meant to introduce beginning players to attacking and defending in the level 1 Map Room. To qualify for this event, players will need to have a Town Hall levels 2-4. The event will reward players with two new monsters, Vorg and Slimeattikus.

If you are at too high a level for these events, you are able to unlock Vorg and Slimeattikus the usual way via the Monster Locker.

To unlock the new monsters, you must attack the Brukkarg Tribe and destroy their Town Hall. Every victory will increase your progress bar on the bottem-left corner, much like Monster Madness.

You need to defeat the tribe 10 times in order to get Vorg.

Known Bugs

  • Many players (although not known how many) experience their countdown disappearing when it is around 2 days left, and can't ever attack the Brukkarg Tribe. Many people see the countdown appear again but it dissapears and reappears over and over again. It happened on Facebook.
  • You can sometimes attack them even if your Town Hall is level 5.
  • Some players experience a bug where the Creature Carnage event occurs, but the Brukkarg Tribe is non-existent on the map.
  • Some players expierience a bug where after the Brukkarg tribe is destroyed ten times they unlock vorg, but then vorg dissappears from hatcheries, monster lockers, and housings even if vorgs are housed.
  • Some players don't get vorg at all. Even if they have a high level TH and ByM level, vorg isn't shown in the monster locker.



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