How to use a D.A.V.E Bomb


D.A.V.E.s are the most powerful non-champion monster in the game. Since they require a lot of goo and production time, using them to bomb other yards will take a lot of time and goo to accomplish. This method is only advised for extremely tough yards or people with millions of goo that they want to get rid of. Either way, a successful D.A.V.E. bomb is very hard to accomplish.

You should at least have a few outposts (5+) to attempt this. First, bear in mind that this strategy will take a long time to prepare, so make sure you have time to spare. I would also recomend a level 6 Fomor or Korath, to strengthen the D.A.V.E.s.

D.A.V.E Rockets!

This strategy is even better with Rocket D.A.V.E.s

It is better if your D.A.V.E.s have Rockets.

  1. Using the 5+ Outposts, hatch as many D.A.V.E.s as you can (preferrably 40+). Then find a suitable yard (try to find a yard that conventional tactics would find difficult to penetrate). 40 D.A.V.E.s level. 6 will cost 32M goo, so if you have an insane amount of it you could easily afford it. It is also good to use Zafreetis, as it can heal the D.A.V.E.s.
  2. Catapult the D.A.V.E.s in, followed by your Champion.
  3. Catapult in a 10m Putty Rage (optional).

Watch the devestation. :D

Note: As said above, this strategy is not extremely effective, or for that matter, wise. Only use this method for fun or if a base just cannot be cracked. Beware of NECs and Heavy Traps, along with Monster Bunkers filled with Whirlwind Banditos with a level 6 Fomor buffing them. Any of these could ruin a D.A.V.E. Bomb but a Fomor with Zafreetis can be very useful with the D.A.V.E.s on most bases. Use this powerful weapon wisely.

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