If you have Rockets at Level 3, this strategy is more Effective.


Because of Zafreeti's Low speed along with D.A.V.E's low speed. They go well together.

If there are nearby ADT's, Catapult them (You may or may not lose a silo this way)

Fling The D.A.V.E along with Zafreeti. (If you want you can Use 100K putty rage with both of them)

If flung at a NEC (Never Ending Chain) Send in your champion to help destroy them. (Fomor works best because his A.I. Follows monsters) Send in A Couple of Tower Monsters to help in attacking.

If Possible, Bait The Bunkers using pokeys or Marliyn Monstroe.

This attack is effective in destroying Strongholds. Catapult the ADTs and Spurtz Cannons then fling your monsters. Fling in your champion (preferably Korath or Fomor) and use Putty Rage. The D.A.V.Es will tank the damage from the Railguns and the Stronghold with the Zafreeties healing while your champion destroys the defenses.

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