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All of the War decor, along with a few Tiki Torches.

General information

Decorations (decor) are objects used to spruce up your base. They can be bought from the in-game store for variable amounts of Shiny. Unlike the other structures, they do not affect the way your base operates. However, they can be used to get rid of spare Shiny, use up space in your yard, and hide other buildings/entrances.

Some users used them as a means of blocking Flingers, but the feature was removed because it was deemed too exploitable.

Unlike normal buildings, you can place them outside of your yard (outside of the white border surrounding your yard).

Decorations also cannot be built in Outposts. However, there have been glitches where a player could put decorations in Outposts. One of those glitches occurred during Wild Monster Invasion 1; some players were able to build multiple Victory Totem Poles, even in their Outposts.

Some decorations are obtained via events. They do not cost any Shiny, and include the Victory Totem Poles - prizes from the first and second Wild Monster Invasions.

Also, Decorations will not have any HP and it also won't be attacked by any monster.

In the store, you will find decorative items sorted into:





  • Contains country and themed flags.



Soccer TrophyDecorBig Ben
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