" This is chess, Jim. But not the regular way we played it. "

You might have heard of Decoy Sacrifices and Deflections in chess. You may be surprised that we have these in Backyard Monsters. Decoys are most likely to attract the defenders such as monsters and defensive towers while Assassins are the vicious killers that rage upon the defenders that are busy preying on useless bait. This strategy is more effective on buildings. This strategy involves using monsters with high health as bait and monsters with high attack (most likely flung ones) as assassins. First, fling the decoys in (with Healers). Since they will be targeted by defenders, the assassins should now be flung in to fight the occupied defenders to the death. Tip: Healers (Zafreeti/Vorg) can be flung in with either Baits or Assassins to optimize effect.

Common Baits

These baits are made to go near defensive towers to make them busy a lot!

Tip: These can be also Common Assassins

Common Assassins


For the record,? Eye-ra is the only bait and assassin one-army monster with only one nerf: It's favorite target are walls, and they suicide on impact, wasting Goo. There is a better way to use them: hatch some Valgos? and use them to destroy all of the walls and blocks. When the blocks and walls are destroyed, release the Eye-ras for the destruction to begin.

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