There are some events that occur worldwide that Backyard Monsters recognized. For example, in an event on Halloween, they gave 100 Shiny and some Halloween decorations in 2010. On that event, there was a huge pumpkin that gave you a choice to open it. If you opened it, the pumpkin will release a D.A.V.E. nuke and your yard will explode (but that's only a joke).

However, sadly since support has been dropped for Backyard monsters, there will most likely not be any future events (Barring the weekly Hunt-For-Krallen event) unless Kixeye decides to breathe new life into the series.

For the full list of events click the image below.


Wild Monster Invasion
Wmi1 Wild Monster Invasion Wild Monster Invasion 2 Wild Monster Invasion 2 Monster-blitzkrieg-smal Monster Blitzkrieg

Brukkarg War - Square Brukkarg War

Yard Raids
Monster madness Monster Madness Creature Carnage-smal Creature Carnage Brukkarg War - Square Brukkarg War

188052 622910634393179 867413288 n Hell-Raisers

Newcomers Events
Creature Carnage-smal Creature Carnage Monster-blitzkrieg-smal Monster Blitzkrieg

Repeatable Events
Trojan Horse Trojan Horse Hunt-for-krallen-2 Hunt for Krallen

Other and Future Events
Halloween-smal Halloween 50px Raise the Dead

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