Locker level 2
Favorite target Walls
Attacks ground yes
Attacks air yes
Special ability Airburst

" Warning: Eye-ra's chemical makeup combusts within close proximity to walls. "


Original design of Eye-ra


Eye-ra is a monster that targets blocks before anything else. It has the highest attack of all the Monsters but blows itself up upon reaching upon, destroying itself and the block. They do not loot, meaning that any resource harvesters, Storage Silos, or Town Halls will be wasted should they be attacked by an Eye-ra.

Because they explode upon contact, any buildings in their blast radius will take large amounts of damage.


Eye-Ra Airburst

Eye-ra's special ability Airbust

Eye-ra's special ability is called "Airburst". The Eye-ra jumps into the air before exploding to damage air units and has an increased splash range and damage to ground units.

Level 1 2 3
Airburst Bonus 20% 30% 40%
Putty cost 3,560,000 4,120,000 5,120,000
Upgrade Time 2d 2d 6h 2d 12h
Prerequisites Eye-ra lv 2 Eye-ra lv 3 Eye-ra lv 4


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Movement speed 2.00 kph 2.20 kph 2.40 kph 2.60 kph 2.80 kph 3.00 kph
Health 600 900 1,200 1,600 2,000 2,400
Damage 4,000 8,000 12,000 16,000 20,000 24,000
Goo cost 5,000 15,000 30,000 45,000 60,000 80,000
Goo cost MR3 15,000 45,000 90,000 135,000 180,000 240,000
Housing space 60 60 60 60 60 60
Production time 25m 25m 25m 25m 25m 25m
Production time MR3 1h 15m 1h 15m 1h 15m 1h 15m 1h 15m 1h 15m
Upgrade cost (putty) 64,000 64,000 128,000 192,000 384,000 512,000
Upgrade time 8h 5h 7h 12h 1d 1d 12h
Attack to Housing ratio 66.67 133.33 200 266.67 333.33 400
Health to Housing ratio 10 15 20 26.67 33.33 40


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  • A level 6 Eye-ra with Airburst can kill any other non-champion monster in one hit.
  • Eye-ra is the only monster in the Overworld that targets blocks first.
  • Eye-ra has the highest attack of any monster in Backyard Monsters, including champions.
  • Eye-ra leaves a crater after exploding, similar to a Booby Trap.
  • Eye-ra (when Airburst is researched) and Malphus are the only monsters that are able to jump.
  • If Eye-ra's health drops down to 0, it will explode rather than dying like other monsters.
  • Furthermore, if an Eye-ra has Airburst and its HP drops down to 0, it will jump in the air and explode where it died.
  • If bunkered monsters or Spurtz from the Spurtz Cannon attack an Eye-ra, it continues moving as usual
  • Eye-ra does not loot when destroying Storage Silos , Harvesters , and Town Halls.
  • Spontaneously combusts to destroy walls.

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