Note:This method is only for fun and remember that Eye-ras don't loot.


Early in the game
, a player can use Eye-ra Bombs effectively, if the target of attack doesn't have, or has a small amount of blocks. In that case, a base can get destroyed in no time with 20 or more Eye-ras, without even catapulting anything. But, as it was said, this can only work at low levels.

At higher level, you can use Eye-ra Bombs for fun, because it will usually result in a fail. The high level Eye-ra bomb is a technique for destroying bases in less than 40 seconds. For a good Eye-ra Bomb, you will need 16 million Goo, 10 million Putty and 19 outposts all with level 4 flinger (recomended) and level 6 Housing. You will also need level 6 Eye-ra.

Step one: Choose a base that doesn't have Black Diamond walls, as this will require 2 Eye-ra Bombs and they take too long to make.

Step two: Make as many Eye-ras as possible in all 19 outposts and fill all of the Housings. This will total 207 Eye-ras.

Step three: Attack the base. Fling in as many Eye-ras as possible and catapult 10 million Putty at them. The Eye-ras will sprint at 6 kph and destroy 4 walls each leaving a minimum of 122 Eye-ras left. The rest of the Eye-ras will then turn to destroying the base and will take about 1-5 Eye-ras on defensive towers, 7 on Resource Harvesters, 8 on Storage Silos and 10-13 on a Town Hall. Keep in mind that the Eye-ras will do splash damage and might destroy some of the towers while attacking the walls or other towers.

WARNING!!! THIS TACTIC DOES NOT WORK WELL. Usually people don't have that many outposts and people often put lure blocks (blocks on their own outside the main walls of the blocks) out. You would waste a lot of Eye-ras trying trying to destroy them. This is why you should NEVER try using this strategy on a Black Diamond wall base, as you would waste 2 Eye-ras on a single Black Diamond block (since a Black Diamond Block has 27k hp and one Eye-ra would only do 24k damage). This strategy may also FAIL when the opponent has fortifications. Fortification reduces the Eye-ras damage by a lot (especially if they have the max fortification level), making you waste twice as many Eye-ras.

However, if you want to make this tactic more effective, you could produce some Valgos from Inferno to take down any outstanding blocks, if any. This will require Magma but could be effective if used correctly.

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