General Information

Farming is a technique that focuses on attacking tribes or players repeatedly to get resources. 

Farming Players

You should only farm players that:

  • Have exploitable defenses in their yard
  • have open recourse harvesters/silos/town hall
  • Have really bad attacking strategies
  • Don't use their BYM accounts anymore

Otherwise you should not farm players, because they will attack you back and you need to make sure that when they do your benefit from your attack will outweigh the losses from their attack.

Farming Outposts

In MR3, outposts are no longer farmable - the only thing that comes close to replacing it are wild monster yards, and those dissapear after being destroyed so they aren't really farmable.


Please feel free to add to this page with farming strategies. We only want good strategies, but don't feel afraid to post your own strategies on here!