Town Hall Level Required 1
Maximum Building Levels 4 (MR2)
5 (MR3)
Building Usage Offensive
Size 4.5 x 4.5 in blocks
Flinger 4

Level 4 Flinger

" The Flinger flings monsters into battle. This building is required if you wish to attack another player. Use the Map Room to find and target enemy yards. "

General information

This building is required if you wish to attack another player. This is used to place monsters on your enemy yards. Use the Map Room to find and target enemy yards.

If you have Map Room level 2, the amount of outward spaces you can attack depends on the level of your Flinger. At level 4, you can attack bases 10 hexes away (main base), OR 4 hexes away (outpost). Upgrading the Flinger also increases the bucket size allowing you to fling even more monsters. To increase the range of attack, conquer an Outpost and build a Flinger in your Outpost, and even better, upgrade that Flinger as well.

The level of the Flinger doesn't matter so much until you have a level 2 Map Room, when it begins to affect the range it can fire as well as the amount/quantity of monsters you can fling in at one time. However, you can simply throw in multiple loads of a small collection of monsters in place of a large load of monsters (which also spreads the monsters out more).

The amount of housing space of a monster also effects the flinger. Monsters with high housing usage take more space in the bucket (Pokeys the least, Octo-oozes, Bolts, Finks then Ichis, etc. up to Zafreeti), so if you have a level 1 Flinger, you will only be able to fling in a few D.A.V.E.s.

In the new world map, the amount of monsters you can use will be limited depending on the Flinger level. For example, if the flinger only lets you use 10 D.A.V.E.s, you can't fling in any more even if you have 20 of them in your Housing.

Building and Upgrading

Level Cost Construction Time HP Repair time Capacity Prerequisites Main Yard Attack Range Outpost Attack Range
Twigs Pebbles Putty
1 1,000 1,000 500 15m 4,000 1m 58s 250 L1 Town Hall 4 Hexes 1 Hex
2 64,300 63,300 32,150 3h 8,000 3m 55s 850 L3 Town Hall 6 Hexes 2 Hexes
3 283,600 283,600 141,800 9h 16,000 7m 50s 1500 L4 Town Hall 8 Hexes 3 Hexes
4 1,247,840 1,247,840 623,920 1d 3h 32,000 15m 40s 2500 L4 Town Hall 10 Hexes 4 Hexes
5 5,500,000 5,500,000 2,750,00 3d 12h 3500 L5 Town Hall

Building Progression

Structure Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 Fl lv1 Fl lv1 dam Fl all des
2 Fl lv2 Fl lv2 dam
3 Fl lv3 Fl lv2&3 dam
4 - 5 Fl lv4 Fl lv4 dam

Additional Facts

  • The housing space of a monster is the amount of space it takes up in the Flinger.


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