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A Fomor Bomb is best accompanied with other bombs, while they are buffed by the Putty Rage with Fomor, they are also buffed by Fomor. This bomb is essential because the monsters are buffed 2x for 40 seconds, also this bomb has been tested and is proved to be effective. Also, the buff still doesn't go off much until Fomor dies. This is best used as an Aerial Assault, although the only attacking monsters that flies are Teratorn and Balthazar.

Fomor-Krallen Combo Bomb

Krallen is also best used with this bomb, as if both champions buff each other and the other monsters within the Putty Rage, the accompanied monsters will be buffed to the third time, meaning three times the destruction. Note: Fomor is only buffed two times: by Loot Buff and Putty Rage. While Krallen is buffed two times also: by Fomor's Buff and Putty Rage.


Effect of Fomor-Krallen Combo Bomb

Bombs best used with Fomor Bomb

Bombs never to be used with Fomor Bomb

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