" Damage protection goes from a% to b%. "

Buildings you can Fortify

General buildings that you could fortify: Town Hall, Outposts, Storage Silos

Defensive Buildings you can fortify: Aerial Defense Tower, Cannon Tower, Laser Tower, Railgun, Sniper Tower, and Tesla Tower.

Fortification also works on Outposts and its buildings

Fortfication does not work on Inferno, or Overworld buildings, which are made of Inferno materials (Magma & Quake Tower). Fortification will not work also on the Outposts (Resource Outposts and Strongholds) on MR3.

Fortification Levels

The cost and upgrade time depends on the building being fortified.

The following are the same in all buildings:

Level Damage Protection Town Hall Level Fortification Stages (TH/Outpost) Fortification Stages (Housing - Scrapped)
1 20% 5* TH Fort Lvl1 Housing Fort Lvl1
2 30% 6* TH Fort Lvl2 Housing Fort Lvl2
3 40% 7* TH Fort Lvl3 Housing Fort Lvl3
4 50% 8* TH Fort Lvl4 Housing Fort Lvl4

Fortification decreases the damage attacking monsters deal by the shown percentage.

Example, 20% decreases the damage monsters deal to 80%.

*The outpost is also an prerequisite to all outpost fortifications.


  • Fortifications were added to the game in September 16, 2011, as well as with Backyard Monsters Merchandise.
  • The building in the fortification picture does not look like any building in the game. It's possible it may be a Chaos Factory however this is unconfirmed.


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