Note: This is just a type of yard you could use in a lower level. You don't have to follow this exactly and this yard is SUPER un-recommended in higher levels.

Ok so lately I've noticed that there aren't many defence guides for people with a low level town hall so I decided to make one. Even at an early level you're going to want to protect your buildings in this order: Town hall, silos, defence towers, resource collectors and finally all the other buildings, they will act as "part" of your defence and stall the monsters from attacking your acctual base. As you can see in the picture below this is my base.

Matt's yard

My yard

In the picture I'm upgrading my town hall to level 5 but that's beside the point and it doesn't matter if you have a champion yet either, but it helps if you do. Even though I said that you should defend silos with defence towers you don't have to and especially for this base because once your towers are gone nothig can defend you this is exactly what we want to avoid. You probably aren't thinking about a "box/farm" base where you put EVERYTHING inside a big box, but for those of you that are that's a terrible idea, most monsters will just break through the walls and destroy your backyard. Since you don't get very many blocks I've constructed a mini pathing system that leads straight to your townhall. The idea of a pathing system is to make monsters walk as much as they can within range of a defence tower so they will eventually die. I've also used my resource collectors as bait but they won't get attacked by: bolts or brains because they avoid being attacked and will continuously walk around your base untill they die (most of the time). Here is my yard planner, but if you don't have one don't worry you don't have to have one but it helps a lot when moving structures.It will even save hours when you are moving blocks at higher levels.

Matt's yard planner

My yard planner

Another thing you'll notice is that I've placed booby traps (red dots) This way the enemy's army will be greatly weakened by the time they get to the town hall (I just got attacked so that's why some of the dots are missing). Oh and to be able to pull this base off you need to have at least 4 sniper towers and cannons higher than level 2. As for the extra buildings, like I said just place them in random spots in your backyard so that your enemy can't fling their monsters to the front of your walls/resource collectors. So far this type of design has worked very well for me because very few people have even damaged my town hall or even inner layer.

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