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The Backyard Monsters Halloween event (often simply dubbed "Halloween"), is an event that started on October 31st, 2010 PST and ended ?? days later. As its name suggests, it was made to celebrate Halloween.


Before the event, a large pumpkin was seen being constructed near the player's yard, hinting at the event.

When the event actually occurred, players were given a notification daring them to open the large pumpkin. If the player chose to open it, a very large object in the shape of a D.A.V.E. would emerge from the top of the pumpkin and explode in a fashion similar to that of a nuclear bomb, destroying the player's yard and creating a gigantic crater in the ground where their yard once stood.

After the explosion it is revealed that they were "only kidding", and that the player's yard was completely unharmed. After revealing this, the player is rewarded with:


  • It has been speculated that it was the first Backyard Monsters event. [citation needed]
  • Your backyard would still look like it is functioning normally, since monster houses with monsters partially blown up can sometimes be seen with monsters coming in and out of the explosion.
  • Halloween Event gives fans the scare of a lifetime when their Yards briefly implode. Order is quickly restored and commemorative pumpkins gifted as decorations for participating Yards.
  • There was a rare bug that occurred during this event. After the 'just kidding' message popped up, the player's yard still appeared to be blown up, although actually repaired. Players had to write to KIXEYE to get their base fixed.




Backyard monsters Haloween Ka-Boom

Backyard monsters Haloween Ka-Boom

Halloween Event 2010


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