Town Hall Level Required 1
Maximum Building Levels 3
Building Usage General
Size 5 x 5 in blocks

" Converts Goo produced by the Goo Factory into the monsters you have unlocked in the Monster Locker. "

General information

The Hatchery converts Goo produced by the Goo Factory into monsters you have unlocked in the Monster Locker. Each queue slot can hold twenty monsters and when fully upgraded can have 81 monsters (including the current one) queued.

You can build a total of 5 Hatcheries in your main base and 2 per Outpost. Mutiple Hatcheries can produce a large amount of monsters, useful for spamming monsters or rebuilding your army. For multiple Hatcheries, you may want to use a Hatchery Control Center to save time. Also, if you get the Hatchery Control Center, the Hatchery will show the HCC window instead of the original Hatchery window, making the upgrade of it (Hatchery) pointless unless you just want to add HP.

Goo can safely be held in the Hatchery and recovered, even after destroyed. However, if you have a queue of monsters in production, you will have to place them in again.

A level 3 Hatchery is one of the biggest buildings which enables you to hide towers, paths/entrances in your yard.

If you have Bought D.A.V.E Club membership you can hatch Inferno Monsters Directly from your Hatchery with the Magma Cost.

Level Queue Slots Cost Construction Time HP Resources Recycled Prerequisites Repair Time
Twigs Pebbles Twigs Pebbles
1 2 2,000 2,000 15m 4,000 1,000 1,000 L1 Town Hall 1m
2 3 21,227 49,529 1h 16,000 11,613 25,764 L3 Town Hall 2m 30s
3 4 93,600 218,427 12h 32,000 58,413 134,978 L4 Town Hall 5m

Building Stages

Level In-Action Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 Hatchery 1
Rsz 50e2ccbccb1b7
Hatchery 1 Damaged Hatchery Destroyed
2 Hatchery 2 Hatchery 2 Hatchery 2 Damaged
3 Hatchery 3 Hatchery 3 idle Hatchery 3 Damaged

Known Bugs

  • Sometimes when you pick a monster to hatch, the given image is wrong until you point it again on the monster (e.g. the game showing D.A.V.E. stats with the image of a Pokey).
  • The hatchery could produce more monsters even if the goo weren't enough. (FIXED)


Moved to Hatchery/tips


  • At level 1, the Hatchery's 'pointer' points the opposite direction.
  • Need monsters in a hurry? Now you can buy Stage 2 and Stage 3 Hatchery Overdrive and increase monster production by x6 and x10!


  • Old Hatchery window.

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