Monster housing
Town Hall Level Required 1
Maximum Building Levels 6 (Map Room 2) - 10 (Map Room 3)
Building Usage General
Size 8 x 8 in blocks

" Stores the creatures you produce in the Hatchery, upgrade or build more to increase capacity. "

General information

The Monster Housing is a unit necessary in order to store monsters for use in attacks.  Monsters are added to by hatching in the Hatchery or transferring them from the Inferno Cavern once you have acquired Inferno. The 'Transfer Monsters' button will be visible in the Inferno Cavern menu or the Housing dialog box in your main yard.

Note: Any Monsters transferred out from the Inferno Yard cannot be tranferred back, but can be juiced.

Hell on Earth

The Monster Housing has maximum number of "Housing Spaces" depending on the upgrade level of the unit. Each monster has a different number of Housing Spaces described in their attributes. Once capacity has been reached, the housing will be Full, and no more monsters can be added. You can create more housing spaces by upgrading the Monster Housing unit, or clear space by sending monsters into battle, moving them to the Monster Bunker, or juicing with the Monster Juicer.

  • For example, a Level 1 Monster Housing has a capacity of 200 Spaces. One Octo-ooze needs 10 Spaces and thus 20 may be housed in the Level 1 Monster Housing. This requires that you plan accordingly as all monsters have unique spacing requirements and do not necessarily fit without some creativity. Any additional (overflow) monsters will not hatch, Instead they must wait in the Hatchery, until there is space for it to enter. In this regard, a few monsters can be queued up to be immediately ready once space is made through battle, juicing or transfers.


The game allows a maximum of four Housing in the main yard, and requires a Level 8 Town Hall.

Town Hall Level

# of Housing You can Build
1 1
3 2
5 3
8 4

To increase the capacity, the housing unit must be upgraded. Compound Expansion can also be purchased in the store for 375 shiny, which increases capacity by 25% for 24 hours. Additional Housing units can also be built on your nearby Outposts, available later in the game.

When a Housing is destroyed, all monsters currently in the Housing will be moved to another housing unit until maximum spacing capacity is reached. Once the other Housing units are taken down, and the available spacing is reduced, the monsters will be destroyed as there is nowhere for them to go.


Level Capacity Cost Construction Time HP Resources Recycled Prerequisites
Twigs Pebbles Twigs Pebbles
1 250 2,160 2,160 5m 4,000 1,080 1,080 L1 Town Hall
2 425 8,640 8,640 1h 15m 14,000 5,400 5,400 L2 Town Hall
3 520 34,560 34,560 3h 25,000 22,680 22,680 L3 Town Hall
4 670 138,240 138,240 8h 43,000 91,800 91,800 L5 Town Hall
5 740 552,960 552,960 20h 75,000 368,280 368,280 L6 Town Hall
6 870 2,211,840 2,211,840 1d 16h 130,000 1,474,200 1,474,200 L6 Town Hall
7 1090 4,000,000 4,000,000 2d 12h TBA 3,474,200 3,474,200 L7 Town Hall
8 1225 8,000,000 8,000,000 2d 12h TBA 7,474,200 7,474,200 L8 Town Hall
9 1440 16,000,000 16,000,000 2d 12h TBA 15,474,200 15,474,200 L9 Town Hall
10 1680 32,000,000 32,000,000 2d 12h TBA 31,474,200 31,474,200 L10 Town Hall

Building Stages

Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 ~ 10 Monster housing normal Monster housing damaged Monster housing destroyed


Moved to Housing/tips


  • This building is often referred to as Monster Housing, as this was its in-game name before being renamed to Housing.
  • Before the Housing was updated, it was a rectangular shape.
  • During the 2010 World cup, the monsters could play soccer in their Monster Housings.
  • If a housing were to be destroyed while a monster is heading towards it, the monster will loose half its health once it reaches the destroyed housing.
  • If an outpost is taken over with a undestroyed housing with some monsters in it, the monsters inside can be transferred, juiced or used in an attack.
  • This building's original level cap was 6.
  • When Maproom 3 arrived, the cap was then increased to 10.
  • It is required to have a Krallen or purchasing improved packing skills to upgrade the housing to Lv10 at MR3.
  • The current maximum capacity is 6,720
  • There is a glitch when your yard being attacked,and when the fomor walks near the housing,the monsters in the housing buffed.
  • There is another glitch, if your healing less than the max number of that monster type, and you spend your shinies to finish healing. the monsters that weren't meant to be healed, will be healed.
  • Tweak: Housing capacity at every level increases by ~10% to let you build even bigger armies.
  • The Monster Housing popup has been updated to make it WAY easier to see what you have in your Housing ready for battle.
  • Upgrade your Monster Housing to Level 6 to store more monsters.
  • Level 6 Housing has 540 spaces - 90 more than Level 5!
  • Give your housing a 24 hour boost with the new "Housing Expansion" which can be found in the store under "Combat".

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