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Hatchery Control Center

This building lets you create monsters in one easy to reach place

Monsters are created through two buildings,One for the overworld,And Another for inferno, They are produced using Goo and Magma.But i myself want to know how are the monsters formed from those two Resources.Here is my theory,When the magma or goo reach the "Monster Creating Buildings"(Hatchery or Incubator) they are pumped and then formed by special machines,The machines form the body parts of the monsters and then the monsters are put in a placenta(the body part that develops the babies in the female reproductive system)like object that lets them develop until they can be used to attack other players yards or be put in the Monster Bunker.

Why Is There Production Time

Heres my theory,half of that time is used to create the body parts and the other half is used to let them be ready to attack or defend.When you Upgrade the monsters i think they get used to being created that's why there production time is decreased,Or they become so powerful they need more time to develop.

How Are Spurtz Cannon Spurtz Created So Quickly

Well i myself don't have a theory, but i think those monsters are already created so the Spurtz Cannon can unleash them quickly

Look at my page:Ultimatelooter

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