Ichi-Bomb Guide

What you need

  • Map Room 2 and find an enemy's base (real enemy).
  • At least 3 outposts, all with level 6 Housing (including 4 level 6 housing in your main yard).
  • 7x540=3780=189 Ichis.
  • A level 6 Drull with Bonus 3.
  • Level 4 Catapult and Flinger.


  1. Fulfill all requirements
  2. Hatch the Ichis.
  3. Fling in all the Ichis
  4. Fling in the Bonus Drull
  5. Use 10m Putty Rage
  6. Watch the destruction.
  7. OPTIONAL: If you have more outposts, you may want to use the rest of the Housing to make more Ichis or Teratorns.


  1. Ichis hatch really fast at 1m 30s at level 6, so throwing a few of these bombs wouldn't require that much time.
  2. They target defense buildings and are the stronger version of Octo-bomb, so you could also send a last wave of different monsters to finish the base of once all the defense buildings are almost all destroyed.
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