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Under Hall Level Required 1
Maximum Building Levels 3
Building Usage General
Size 5 x 5 in blocks

" Converts Magma into flesh and blood monsters to do your bidding. "

General information

The Incubator converts Magma produced by the Magma Pump into monsters you have unlocked in the Strongbox.

It is a good idea to fill the Compound but still have monsters ready to be housed so that when your yard is attacked and you lose monsters, new monsters will be ready to take their place and defend your yard. Suggested having 1 King Wormzer ready in each Incubator.

It is the Inferno equivalent to the Hatchery.


Level Queue Slots Cost Construction Time HP Resources Recycled Prerequisites Repair Time
Bones Coal Bones Coal
1 2 2,000 2,000 15m 4,000 1,000 1,000 L1 Under Hall 1m
2 3 21,227 49,529 1h 16,000 11,613 25,764 L2 Under Hall 2m 30s
3 4 93,600 218,427 12h 32,000 58,413 134,978 L4 Under Hall 5m

Building stages

Structure Level 1-3
Damaged Ihatchery 1 Damaged
Destroyed Ihatchery 1 Destroyed


  • With effects from 20th June 2012, players who have bought D.A.V.E. Club subscription and wanting Inferno Monsters at the overworld may produce them from Hatchery instead to save the hassle of transferring. They still need Magma to be produced, however.

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