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Infernal buildings are structures you build in the Inferno. Buildings serve a certain function as producing Resources or other functions. Building certain building also completes certain goals corresponding to the built structure.


Available Buildings

There are several Infernal Buildings which have their own page. Research these pages to obtain futher information about those buildings.

Resource Buildings

Resource Buildings harvest resources which are used to build or upgrade other structures and to unlock monsters in the Strongbox. Buildings include Bone Crunchers, Coal Extractors, Sulfur Swirlers, Magma Pumps and Resource Pods. They now change looks when upgraded like the above ground resource buildings.

General Buildings

These buildings have different purposes such as unlocking monsters, creates them and gives them a place to call home. These Buildings are the Strongbox, Incubators and Compounds. The Under Hall is also in this category but is unable to be built.

Defensive Buildings

Defensive Buildings protect other buildings. The available Defensive structures are the Sharpshooter, Blast Tower, Quake Tower, Booby Traps and Blocks. Now they have added the Magma Tower .


These are currently not available and will be coming soon.

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