These monsters are unusually stronger (but not healthier (But except Spurtz, which is healthier than Pokey.)) than the ones at overworld, and are only produced at Inferno Yard at the cost of Magma, which then can be transferred over to the overworld. They are from the underworld, so they are not affected by sulfur poisoning. Like overworld monsters, they can be trained, but by using Sulfur in the Infernal Academy. Note that players who have bought the D.A.V.E. Club subscription will be able to produce them at the overworld instead to save the hassle of transferring and risking losing them.

Inferno monsters are unlocked in the Strongbox using Sulfur (the equivalent of Putty), and are produced in Incubators using Magma (the equivalent of Goo). Addition information on the individual monsters can be found on their respective pages.

Inferno monsters are stored in an Inferno building called a Compound, and in Housings when transferred to the Overworld.

List of current Inferno Monsters

Name Favorite Target Strongbox Level Special Ability


Anything 1 N/A
Zagnoid Zagnoid Defensive Towers 1 Deals x2 Damage to Defensive Towers
Valgos Valgos Walls 2 Deal x2 Damage to Blocks
Malphus Malphus Harvesters, Resource Pods, Under Hall 2 Jumps Over Blocks
Balthazar Balthazar Bunkered and Champion Monsters 3

Deals x3 Damage to Monsters

Grokus Grokus Harvesters, Resource Pods, Under Hall 3


Sabnox Sabnox Defensive Towers 3

Ranged Fireballs

Deals x2 Damage to Defensive Towers.

King Wormzer King Wormzer

Anything 4 Splash Damage

NOTE: Their Abilities are not Researched like the monsters from the Overworld.


  • One of the Inferno Monsters (King Wormzer) is related to an Overworld Monster which is Wormzer.They are said to be cousins.
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