The name is not official and not yet officially released.

Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 Inferno Outpost 1 Inferno Outpost 1 Damaged Inferno Outpost 1 Destroyed
2 Inferno Outpost 2 Inferno Outpost 2 Damaged Inferno Outpost 2 Destroyed
3 Inferno Outpost 3 Inferno Outpost 3 Damaged Inferno Outpost 3 Destroyed



Moloch Outpost (Inferno Event)

  • David Scott has mentioned about a world map overhaul in a blog, most likely this may be part of the world map overhaul.


  • When you enter the Inferno Cavern, you will see his multiple bases. They are like Inferno Outposts, shown in the above pictures, but, if you view/attack it, it will resemble an Under Hall.
  • Unlike the overworld Outposts, you cannot take over the outpost after you have destroyed it.
  • Kixeye is still working on a world map for the underground Inferno Yards.

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