"We're just getting warmed up!"

General Information

Legionnaire Tribe

The Legionnaire Tribe is a CPU controlled Wild Monster Tribe.

Lvl 40 leggionaire

A level 40 Legionnaire Base


Original Legionnaire leader

Like other Wild Monster Tribes, they cannot gain Damage Protection and once their yard is destroyed, they will rebuild it and make it stronger. It is known for using a lot of Sniper and Cannon Towers and doesn't contain a lot of resources. In later levels they will be found with higher level Storage Silos and Harvesters, but without a proper strategy to farm, you wouldn't get too much. Usually a well-concentrated attack of Ichis, Fangs, and Crabatrons are enough to defeat them at a moderate level. At a lower level, Pokeys (preferrably Banditos) and a Drull are enough. At a higher level, it's best to use Zafreetis, Teratorns, Fomor (Level 3+) or Drull (preferrably level 4+) and Crabatron. From Level 28, once you destroy 3 Sniper Towers from your top left, you may fling Finks to destroy those General Buildings while other monsters are destroying other buildings. This may help speed up the destruction. Do this only once you destroy all Towers. They attack mostly with Project X and D.A.V.E.: up to 19 Project X and 38 D.A.V.E.s once you are in a higher level at your main yard, or if your outposts are strong enough by the system.

destroyed level 35 legionnaire yard with a army still on it!!!(this is a level 35 legionnaire yard from the level 3 map room)

Farming Legionnaire

Legionnaire is weak on defending but stronger in attacking. Prepare your defenses should they attack.

Roughly what you can expect from a full destruction of a Legionnaire tribe:

Level Twigs Pebbles Putty Goo
36 1,100,000 1,100,000 1,300,000 0
40 700,000 1,600,000 1,600,000 250


  • In Map Room 3 a beginner can defeat a level 20 (sometimes 25) yard if you put all your monsters (50% tanks) near the sniper guarding the twig area.
  • A level 30 Legionnaire base in Map Room 3 is similar to a Kozu base from Map Room 2.
  • A level 30 Legionnaire base in MR3 has a stronghold building by itself in the far right side of the base.
  • Ironically, a level 35 Legionnaire Tribe has a lower level Town hall than a Level 30.
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