General Information

The Map is a display of the area around a player's base or outpost. It can be used to view and attack other players, outposts, or strongholds. It can also be used to help friends in building upgrades.

The map can be accessed through the Map Room, Catapult, Flinger or Chaos Factory.

World Map v3 (MR3)


A new world map has been developed and recently released by kixeye with the purpose being to bring more strategy to Backyard Monsters. Rather than simply taking over several general Outposts that always give you extra capacity, housing, and resource production, the goal will to be taking over key points in the map to become stronger. Goo will be used to repair the monsters that come back home with you.

Features include:

Map (Inferno)

BYM Inferno Map

Map (Inferno)

The Inferno Map is the special map exlusive to Inferno. Whilst its appearance is different, the Inferno Map is essentially the same thing as the original Map. (MR1)

Interestingly, any players that are near you in the World Map will be shown on your Inferno Map. Relocating or recycling and rebuilding will cause any players that come within range or go out of range to appear/disappear from the Inferno Map.

Additionally, your yard will always appear to be on the top of the plateau, though it will be placed randomly on the Inferno Maps of others.

At the moment there is only 1 Map in Inferno, but there are images of what appears to be an Inferno Outpost, which may hint at the release of a World Map in Inferno.


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