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Moloch as shown in the game


Moloch holding a head.


Moloch's introduction speech.

General Information

Moloch is the Lord of Inferno. He is a dark grey dragon with wings made of stone and has four legs and two arms. He might also be somehow related to the Minotaur, since he has hooves on his arms and horns. Moloch is the leader of the Inferno army.

When the pre-event started on December 23, 2011, he first attacks you with Spurtz, Zagnoid and (sometimes) Malphus. The number of monsters he attack you with varies between what level you are on. His second attack has Spurtz, Zagnoid, Malphus, and Balthazar. His third attack has Spurtz, Zagnoid, Sabnox, Valgos, and Balthazar. After each attack, he always says, "I will be back with more minions!"

Note: For more information about the tribe, go to Moloch's Minions.

He also has a pet Champion named Korath, who abandoned him in a secondary after-event (Monster Madness).

On Kongregate inferno started may 13th of 2012.

Level Bonemini Coalmini Sulfurmini Magmamini
11 ? ? ? ?
12 ? ? ? ?
13 ? ? ? ?
15 ? ? ? ?
19 ? ? ? ?
21 ? ? ? ?
22 ? ? ? ?
23 ? ? ? ?
26 ? ? ? ?
27 ? ? ? ?
28 ? ? ? ?


  • Moloch is a dark grey dragon and it has two arms, four legs, two wings, two horns, and a tail.
  • He is the only NPC in Inferno.
  • Just like other tribes, he can not be permanently "defeated" by attacking his bases.
  • Moloch is also the name of an Ammonite god, who was said to be the Prince of Hell.
  • When all of the Moloch tribes are defeated, a glich will occur and the Tribe still attacks but with overworld monsters such as Project X and Crabatron.
  • After the Inferno Event, Moloch has now lost both his 7 Inferno outposts and his champion Korath. Now he has obtained a new monster (Rezghul) to attack the overworld again in Hell-Raisers .

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