Monster Academy
Monster Academy 4
Town Hall Level Required 3
Maximum Building Levels 5
Building Usage General
Size 5 x 5 in blocks

" Through a demanding curriculum of physics, philosophy and physical education, your monsters will earn their PhD in Advanced Destruction. Failing that, we have a large supply of steroids. "

General information

The Monster Academy allows a player to train their monsters (after being unlocked) to greater levels. Many properties of monsters may be changed by training them - speed, health, damage, goo cost, production time, etc. - but not all are affected by 4 training levels. You cannot upgrade the Academy while training a monster.

In general, training is a trade-off between increasing desirable properties - speed, for example - while increasing undesirable qualities - goo cost and production time - as well. It takes a large amount of putty to upgrade a monster, but it is worth it, as the monster has more speed or damage, etc. Upgrading Eye-ra for the Monster Bunker is a good strategy, as speed and damage will increase. However, there will be a large rise in goo cost.

In lower levels you may sometimes want to protect your academy (not always a smart decision). Every time the Monster Academy is destroyed (if a monster was training in it), your monster's training pauses until the academy is repaired.

As your level increases, the Monster Academy isn't as an important building as you have to protect other important buildings, so you may use this building as bait. You can build more than one Monster Academy. The second can be built when your Town Hall is level 5+. Recycling this building will not reduce the levels of your monsters, so once you upgrade all your monsters to level 6 you can recycle this building for space and free resources.But the disatvantage is the same as recycling a monster locker

Building Upgrading

Level Cost Construction Time HP Repair Time Resources Recycled Prerequisites
Twigs Pebbles Twigs Pebbles
1 100,000 100,000 3h 6,000 30 mins 50,000 50,000 L3 Town Hall

L2 Monster Locker

2 250,000 250,000 6h 10,000 1h 175,000 175,000 L4 Town Hall

L3 Monster Locker

3 400,000 400,000 12h 14,000 1h 375,000 375,000 L5 Town Hall

L3 Monster Locker

4 600,000 600,000 1d 20,000 1h 675,000 675,000 L6 Town Hall

L4 Monster Locker

5 900,000 900,000 1d 30,000 1h 1,125,000 1,125,000 L7 Town Hall

L4 Monster locker

Building stages

Structure Level 1 2 3 4-5
Monster Academy 2
Monster Academy 3
Monster Academy 4
Damaged Monster Academy 1 Damaged Monster Academy 2 Damaged Monster Academy 3 Damaged Monster Academy 4 Damaged
Monster Academy Destroyed


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