Monster Lab
Monster lab
Town Hall Level Required 5
Maximum Building Levels 3
Building Usage General
Size 5 x 5 in blocks

" Research top secret abilities for your monsters. In war, science rules. "

General information

The Monster Lab allows you to add 'top secret' science-based special abilities to your monsters. These will make monsters stronger and more effective. Abilites does not affect goo cost at all. If you want to add these abilites to your monsters, you need at least level 2 monsters.


Level Cost Construction Time HP Repair Time Prerequisites
Twigs Pebbles
1 100,000 100,000 3h 9,000 1h L5 Town Hall

L3 Monster Locker L2 Monster Academy

2 300,000 300,000 12h 16,000 L6 Town Hall

L4 Monster Locker L3 Monster Academy

3 600,000 600,000 1d 24,000 L7 Town Hall

L4 Monster Locker L4 Monster Academy


Level Resources Recycled
Twigs Pebbles
1 50,000 50,000
2 200,000 200,000
3 500,000 500,000

Available upgrades

Monster Ability Level Benefit Cost (Putty) Research time Image
Bolt Teleportation (Blink) 1 150 range 48,000 1d Teleportation Bolt
Adds the ability to blink, increasing speed. 2 300 range 72,000
3 450 range 96,000
Fink Claws 1 1 extra target 96,000 1d 6h Fink Claws
Attacks multiple enemies and buildings around him. 2 2 extra targets 128,000
3 3 extra targets 144,000
Bandito Whirlwind 1 1x speed 1,000,000 1d 8h Bandito Whirlwind
Attacks multiple enemies around him (does not work on buildings) 2 1.5x speed 1,500,000
3 2x speed 2,000,000
Fang Venom 1 60 Venom Damage 2,000,000 1d 12h Fang Venom
Injects venom into enemies, causing the enemy to constantly lose health after bitten. 2 120 Venom Damage 3,000,000
3 186 Venom Damage 4,500,000
Eye-ra Airburst 1 20% Airburst Bonus 3,560,000 1d 8h Eye-Ra Airburst
Jumps into air doing partial damage to air units and increased splash range and damage to ground targets. 2 30% Airburst Bonus 4,120,000
3 40% Airburst Bonus 5,120,000
Brain Invisibility 1 2s cloak 3,000,000 2d Brain Invisibility
Gives the Brain the ability to turn invisible, causing towers and monsters not to attack it. 2 4s cloak 4,500,000
3 8s cloak 6,000,000
Project X Acid Spores 1 1,200 acid dmg 8,000,000 3d Project-X Acid Spores
Adds the ability to unleash acid when the Project X dies. 2 2,800 acid dmg 12,000,000
3 4,800 acid dmg 16,000,000
Wormzer Splash Damage 1 300 dmg 10,000,000 4d Wormzer Splash Damage
Adds the ability to do extra splash damage when Wormzer pops up. 2 800 dmg 15,000,000
3 1,650 dmg 22,500,000
Teratorn Ricochet 1 1 bounce 12,000,000 5d Teratorn Ricochet
Adds the ability for attacks to bounce off of the nearest buildings, doing damage to multiple targets. 2 2 bounces 18,000,000
3 3 bounces 27,000,000
D.A.V.E. Rockets 1 140 rocket range 15,000,000 6d D.A.V.E. Rockets
Gives D.A.V.E. the ability to fire rockets, increasing the damage he does. Also enables D.A.V.E. to hit air targets. 2 180 rocket range 22,500,000
3 220 rocket range 23,050,000


  • There is a bug when you start browsing abilities to unlock, several different images of monsters will overlap the previous ones.
  • Abilities sometimes malfunction when you just recently started researching an ability or train a monster in a Monster Locker.


  • Pokey, Octo-ooze, Ichi, Crabatron and Zafreeti are the only Overworld monsters that don't have any special abilities available for researching in the Monster Lab.
  • Most Inferno Monsters also have tjeir own special abilities, such as Malphus's ability to jump over walls, or King Wormzer's ability to deal splash damage when bursting up from underground. Unlike the Overworld Monster's abilities however, these do not require research or being unlocked anywhere but are instead available to the Inferno Monsters from the get-go.
  • Vorg has the ability to splash heal, but this is not unlocked in the Monster Lab.
  • Octo-ooze was originally supposed to have an ability called "Fission", which would make it split in two when killed. However, it was scrapped and given to Slimeattikus.
  • It seems that monsters released after post-Inferno do not need any training in the Monster Lab to receive their abilities. All Inferno monsters, Vorgs, and Slimeattikus share this trait.
  • As of June 10, 2011, the Monster Lab, along with most abilities (excluding Fink's Claws, Eye-ra's Airburst, and Fang's Venom), have been added to the game.
  • It says 'Title' instead of 'Time' where the details about the upgrade are.
  • Streampost text for monster lab upgrades fixed.

Building stages

Level In Action Damaged Destroyed
1 ~ 3 Monster lab Monster Lab Damaged Monster Lab Destroyed


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