Monster Locker
Monster locker
Town Hall Level Required 2
Maximum Building Levels 4
Building Usage General
Size 5 x 5 in blocks
Picture 10

Level 4 Monster Locker

" Research and unlock new monsters to hatch in the Hatchery. "

General information

The Monster Lockeris needed to unlock all monsters except Pokeys. As one of the biggest buildings in its level 4 state, some people use it to hide defensive towers or a way/entrance of your yard.

Once you unlocked all your monsters, the Monster Locker is not really needed anymore. You could free up some space by recycling it, but you'll be at a disadvantage if more monsters are released. Example: As of the update May 4, 2012, it is needed to unlock Vorg and Slimeattikus for players that were unable to compete in the Creature Carnage event (people with level 4+ Town Hall). Also, you can use it as an extra building.

Unlocking monsters

Level Monster Cost (Putty)
1 40px-PokeyPokey -
40px-Octo-oozeOcto-ooze 8,000
40px-BoltBolt 16,000
40px-FinkFink 32,000
2 40px-Eye-raEye-ra 64,000
40px-IchiIchi 128,000
40px-BanditoBandito 256,000
40px-FangFang 512,000
VorgVorg 384,000
3 40px-BrainBrain 1,024,000
SlimeattikusSlimeattikus 2,048,000
40px-CrabatronCrabatron 2,048,000
40px-Project XProject X 4,096,000
40px-ZafreetiZafreeti 6,192,000
4 40px-TeratornTeratorn 4,096,000
40px-WormzerWormzer 4,096,000
40px-D.A.V.E.D.A.V.E. 8,192,000

Building and Upgrading

Level Cost Construction Time Repair Time Prerequisites
Twigs Pebbles
1 1,800 2,300 10m L2 Town Hall
2 38,800 18,400 5h L3 Town Hall
3 115,200 147,200 20h 1h L4 Town Hall
4 460,800 588,800 1d 12h 3h 30m L5 Town Hall


Level Resources Recycled
Twigs Pebbles
1 900 1,150
2 15,300 10,350
3 72,900 83,950
4 303,300 378,350

Building Stages

Level Normal / In Action Damaged Destroyed
1 Monster Locker 1 Monster Locker Damaged 1 Monster Locker Destroyed
2 Monster Locker 2 Monster Locker Damaged 2
3 Monster Locker 3 Monster Locker Damaged 3
4 Monster Locker 4 Monster Locker Damaged 4


  • The Monster Locker overdrive was removed as you can now directly speed up unlocks from the locker, the overdrive was quite lame as it only lasted 4 hours so you had to buy it over and over again for the later level monsters.
  • From the original monsters, starting from octo-ooze and ending with D.A.V.E, their costs to unlock doubles when you move on to the next monster.
  • If the monster locker is destroyed while unlocking a monster,the unlocking process will be stalled until it is fixed.


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