(NOTE: THIS TIP IS RECOMMENDED ONLY FOR LOWER LEVEL PLAYERS. YOU DON'T NEED TO USE THIS TIP IF YOU ARE NOW HIGHER.) When attacking, Octo-oozes are recommended to be paired with Pokeys since both are cheap and fast to hatch. The Octo-ooze will become the "meat shield" while the Pokey does the damage. If you have some time on your hands, Finks could be used instead of Pokeys.

When being put in a Monster Bunker, it is recommended to pair it with Fangs. The massive damage of Fang can kill groups of monsters and Champions due to Venom. Pairing it with Ichis would be just fine due to Ichis good health and mediocre damage.

If you have more Magma than Goo, make Zagnoids instead. It is a very powerful tank, especially against Towers. Use Octo-ooze if you are poor on Magma.