General Information


Medium Pebble Bomb on Kozu Sniper Towers

Pebble Bombs are projectiles thrown by the Catapult. They deal moderate to heavy damage against buildings and defensive towers at the cost of Pebbles. The Area of Effect is large. To use Pebble Bombs, you need to have a level 2 Catapult. You can only use Pebble Bombs once per attack, just like any other Catapult weapon. Destroying Silos or Resource Gatherers with the Catapult will not give you resources. Compared to Twig Missile, Pebble Bomb will spread more, doing damage to a wider area.

More Information

Catapult Level Size Cost Damage Area Affected
2 Small Pebbles-icon10,000 2,400 Smallpebblebombnuke
3 Medium Pebbles-icon100,000 9,000 Mediumpebblebombnuke
Large Pebbles-icon2,000,000 30,000 Largepebblebombnuke
4 Huge Pebbles-icon10,000,000 75,000 Hugepebblebombnuke

Note: The affected area could be tested when you zoom in once with your Yard Planner so as to test your defenses.


For Pebble Bombs, this is used to take out huge clumps of Defensive towers. This could also be used to clear out non-essential buildings so as to make it easier for your monsters to attack. This would also be a great way to clear out High CF yards especially if their towers are in really close clumps and no "up-for-loots" would be affected.