Pebbles are one of the four essential resources of Backyard Monsters. Produced in Pebble Shiners, Pebbles are mainly used for constructing and upgrading buildings. Also used for Pebble Bombs in the Catapult.

More Info

  • You can buy Pebbles with a certain amount of Shiny in the General Store. There are three different amounts you can buy, and these amounts vary according to your resource capacity. The first level fills 10% of your capacity, the second fills 50% of your pebbles, and naturally is more costly, often costing more than twice as much as the first level. The third level fills 100% of your Pebbles, and costs considerably more. Buying resources is not recommended since it is not very efficient.
    Pepple Shop

    Pebbles for sale in the general store.

  • Varying amounts of Pebbles can be obtained by lower-level players by completing quests. For higher level players, these rewards make little difference due to the large amounts of resources these players possess.
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